Interesting books and videos

Here you can find some interesting books and video on web development theme.

Also you can find my reviews on a part of them.

Head First Kotlin

Learn the Kotlin programming language, and understand how to be a great Kotlin developer. Supported for the use on the Android Operating System, Kotlin is a statically-typed language runs on the Java virtual machine and can be compiled to JavaScript source code. This practical book helps you learn language fundamentals; use classes and objects including interfaces, inheritance and delegation; and create basic Kotlin programs. You’ll also be introduced to advanced concepts such as generics and lambdas....
  • Publication date: 11.05.2018

Seven Databases in Seven Weeks

Data is getting bigger and more complex by the day, and so are your choices in handling it. Explore some of the most cutting-edge databases available - from a traditional relational database to newer NoSQL approaches - and make informed decisions about challenging data storage problems. This is the only comprehensive guide to the world of NoSQL databases, with in-depth practical and conceptual introductions to seven different technologies: Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, and DynamoDB. This...
  • Publication date: 05.05.2018

Simplifying JavaScript

The best modern JavaScript is simple, readable, and predictable. Learn to write modern JavaScript not by memorizing a list of new syntax, but with practical examples of how syntax changes can make code more expressive. Starting from variable declarations that communicate intention clearly, see how modern principles can improve all parts of code. Incorporate ideas with curried functions, array methods, classes, and more to create code that does more with less while yielding fewer bugs.
  • Publication date: 05.05.2018

CSS Pocket Reference

When you’re working with CSS and need an answer now, this concise yet comprehensive quick reference provides the essential information you need. Revised and updated for CSS3, this fifth edition is ideal for intermediate to advanced web designers and developers. You’ll find a short introduction to the key concepts of CSS and alphabetical summaries of CSS selectors and properties. You’ll also discover information on new properties, including grid, flexbox, clipping, masking, and compositing.
  • Publication date: 05.05.2018

Learning AWS

Discover techniques and tools for building serverless applications with AWS About This Book Get well-versed with building and deploying serverless APIs with microservices Learn to build distributed applications and microservices with AWS Step Functions A step-by-step guide that will get you up and running with building and managing applications on the AWS platform Who This Book Is For If you are an I.T. professional or a system architect who wants to improve infrastructure using AWS, then this book is f...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Python Web Scraping Cookbook

Untangle your web scraping complexities and access web data with ease using Python scripts About This Book Hands-on recipes for advancing your web scraping skills to expert level. One-Stop Solution Guide to address complex and challenging web scraping tasks using Python. Understand the web page structure and collect meaningful data from the website with ease Who This Book Is For This book is ideal for Python programmers, web administrators, security professionals or someone who wants to perform web ana...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Learn Qt 5

Learn the fundamentals of QT 5 framework to develop interactive cross-platform applications About This Book A practical guide on the fundamentals of application development with QT 5 Learn to write scalable, robust and adaptable C++ code with QT Deploy your application on different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux Who This Book Is For This book is for application developers who want a powerful and flexible framework to create modern, responsive applications on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Nginx HTTP Server

Make the most of your infrastructure and serve pages faster than ever with Nginx. About This Book Discover possible interactions between Nginx and Apache to get the best of both worlds Learn to exploit the features offered by Nginx for your web applications Get your hands on the most updated version of Nginx (1.13.2) to support all your web administration requirements Who This Book Is For This book is a perfect match to web administrators who are interested in solutions to optimize their infrastructure....
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

MySQL 8 Administrator's Guide

Step by step guide to monitor, manage, and secure your database engine About This Book Your companion to master all the administration-related tasks in MySQL 8 Ensure high performance and high availability of your MySQL solution using effective replication and backup techniques A comprehensive guide to performing query optimization, security and a whole host of other administrative tasks in MySQL 8 Who This Book Is For This book is intended for MySQL administrators who are looking for a handy guide cove...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Practical Test-Driven Development using C# 7

Develop applications for the real world with a thorough software testing approach About This Book Develop a thorough understanding of TDD and how it can help you develop simpler applications with no defects using C# and JavaScript Adapt to the mindset of writing tests before code by incorporating business goals, code manageability, and other factors Make all your software units and modules pass tests by analyzing failed tests and refactoring code as and when required Who This Book Is For This book is fo...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Teradata Cookbook

Data management and analytics simplified with Teradata About This Book Take your understanding of Teradata to the next level and build efficient data warehousing applications for your organization Covers recipes on data handling, warehousing, advanced querying and the administrative tasks in Teradata. Contains practical solutions to tackle common (and not-so-common) problems you might encounter in your day to day activities Who This Book Is For This book is for Database administrator's and Teradata user...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Optimizing Java

Currently, no books exist that focus on the practicalities of Java application performance tuning, as opposed to the theory and internals of Java virtual machines. This practical guide is the "missing link" that aims to move Java performance tuning from the realm of guesswork and folklore to an experimental science.
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Rails 5 Test Prescriptions

Does your Rails code suffer from bloat, brittleness, or inaccuracy? Cure these problems with the regular application of test-driven development. You'll use Rails 5.1, Minitest 5, and RSpec 3.6, as well as popular testing libraries such as factory_girl and Cucumber. Updates include Rails 5.1 system tests and Webpack integration. Do what the doctor ordered to make your applications feel all better. Side effects may include better code, fewer bugs, and happier developers.
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Web Performance Playbook

The web today is as competitive an environment as any that a business will face. Whether yoursis a retail site, a news and information site, or whatever it might be, getting and keeping visitorsthere is a tougher challenge than ever, especially with so many competing sites just a click ortap away. And nothing will send your visitors heading for another site faster than a slow-loadingpage, or animations that grind to a halt and freeze the page on your users. Web performance is important. Not only can it he...
  • Publication date: 21.02.2018

Jumpstarting Javascript

All Make Jumpstart books provide a quick way for readers to "jumpstart" their knowledge of a certain topic.In 50 intense pages, Jumpstarting JavaScript shows makers how to install the Node.js environment on a Raspberry Pi, how to use Node.js to turn their Raspberry Pi into a self-contained web server, and how to get that web server to send a tweet.
  • Publication date: 24.01.2018