10 Best Checkbox And Radio Input Plugins Of 2018

This is a collection of 10 best free jQuery plugin to enhance, beautify and manipulate the default native checkboxes and radio buttons. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Nov 30 2017, updated Dec 15 2018

Basic ON/OFF Toggle Switches In jQuery - Switcher

Switcher is an ultra-light jQuery plugin that transforms the native Checkbox and Radio Button elements into iOS inspired on/off toggle switches just with a JS call.


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Convert Checkbox/Radio Inputs Into Toggle Buttons - Checkbox2Button

Checkbox2Button is a jQuery plugin for Bootstrap (4 and 3) framework that converts the regular checkboxes and radio buttons into toggle buttons for better user experience.


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Select All Checkboxes With A Single Checkbox - jQuery checkboxAll

Just another jQuery Check All plugin which enables a 'Master' checkbox to select/unselect all the related (children) checkbox inputs with just one click.


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Custom Select, Checkbox, Radio Button And File Input - jQuery formElements

formElements is a jQuery plugin for UI/UX design that provides an easy way to beautify the regular select, checkbox, radio button, text field and file input elements with custom styles.


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Custom Checkbox/Radio/Switch Controls With jQuery - simpleCheck

simpleCheck is a jQuery plugin which uses JavaScript and CSS to create beautiful custom checkboxes, radio buttons and toggle switches for better user experience.


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Minimal Select All Checkboxes Plugin With jQuery - checkall

Yet another lightweight jQuery Check All jQuery plugin which enables a checkbox to select and deselect all related checkboxes with one click.


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Three States Toggle Switch With jQuery - jQuery jToggler

The jToggler jQuery plugin converts the normal checkbox into an iOS-style toggle switch that enables the user to select between three options: Checked, Unchecked and Indeterminate.


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Customizable Radio Button Plugin With jQuery - simple-button-radios

simple-button-radios is a jQuery plugin used to beautify & animate the regular radio buttons with custom styles, icons and CSS powered animations.


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Custom Tick Marker For Checkbox - jQuery rezvani-checkbox

rezvani-checkbox is a jQuery plugin for custom checkbox input that allows you to customize the styles and tick marker in a checkbox using any iconic font such as Font Awesome, Material Icons, and etc.


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Single/Multiple Tag Selector Plugin With jQuery - tag_selector.js

tag_selector.js is a jQuery plugin used to dynamically generate tag selectors (as inline labels) that support both single and multiple selections.


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