10 Best Form Validation jQuery Plugins (2019 Update)

Validating an HTML form is NOT a simple task as you develop a modern web app.

In general, most develops are using the Native HTML5 Form Validation to validate the HTML form with native browser experience.

But it is NOT enough.

For better user experience, custom styles, error messages and validation rules must be taken into account.

Thanks to the jQuery library. There're tons of professional, highly customizable form validation plugins developed with JavaScript out there. This is why I wrote the article and listed here the 30 Best jQuery plugins to simply the form validation task. Enjoy.

Not a jQuery user? Check out our 7 Best Pure JavaScript Form Validation Libraries.

Originally Published Jan 27 2018, updated Feb 23 2019

Convenient Bootstrap 4 Form Validator - jQuery validator.js

A lightweight and simple to use Bootstrap 4 validator that validates commonly used form field and display custom validation errors in an HTML form. Works with native HTML5 form attributes.


[Demo] [Download]

Simplest HTML5 Form Validation Plugin - jQuery Simple Validator

This is a super simple and lightweight jQuery plugin to provide client-side form validation without writing any JavaScript codes.


[Demo] [Download]

HTML5 Validity Based Form Validation Plugin - jQuery validity.js

validity.js is a small jQuery HTML5 form validation plugin used to validate the values of any form fields using the HTML validity property.


[Demo] [Download]

Powerful HTML5 Form Validation Plugin - jQuery DjValidator

DjValidator is a simple, flexible, powerful jQuery based HTML5 form validator that comes with 20+ built-in validation rules and is easy to extend using your own validations.


[Demo] [Download]

Tiny Animated Form Validation Plugin - jQuery formValid

A lightweight (3kb) jQuery form validation plugin used for validating your form fields on keyup and/or submit.


[Demo] [Download]

Brazilian CPF And CNPJ Number Validator - cpfcnpj.js

A jQuery plugin used to validate Brazilian CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas, Natural Persons Register) and/or CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica, National Registry of Legal Entities) numbers with easy.


[Demo] [Download]

Credit Card Number Generator & Validator With jQuery - ValidMYCard

ValidMYCard is a Credit Card Generator & Validator built with jQuery that generates random credit card numbers and checks you type the right numbers (card type, length, luhn).


[Demo] [Download]

Beautful Material Form Validator With Input Mask

A jQuery plugin for the Material Components Web that applies form validation, floating label and input mask functionalities to form fields.


[Demo] [Download]

Realtime Form Validation Engine In jQuery - Checkify

Checkify is a jQuery based form validator that provides realtime, client-side, mobile-friendly validation functionalities on form fields.


[Demo] [Download]

Create And Handle HTML Forms With jQuery Reform.js Plugin

The Reform.js jQuery plugin provides an easy way to create and handle forms with a modern approach in mind.


[Demo] [Download]

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