10 Best Image Zoom jQuery Plugins Of 2018

The Image Zoom jQuery Plugins enables your visitors to enlarge images within your document in elegant ways. In this post you will find the 10 best jQuery Image Zoom plugins published at jQuery Script. I hope you like it.

YOU MIGHT NOT NEED JQUERY! View our another collection of Top 10 Image Zoom libraries implemented in PURE JavaScript And/or CSS.

Originally Published Dec 17 2017, updated Dec 02 2018

Responsive Image Zoom Slider/Slideshow With jQuery

This is a responsive, fullscreen, dynamic, and automatic image slider/slideshow/carousel plugin that fades through an array of images with zoom in/out effects.


[Demo] [Download]

Flexible jQuery Gallery With Image Zoom Integration - Zoom SlideShow

The Zoom SlideShow jQuery plugin lets you create an image gallery with a carousel thumbnail navigation that has the ability to zoom images on mouse hover just like the magnifying glass effect.


[Demo] [Download]

Touch-friendly Image Zoom Plugin For jQuery - Enlarge.js

Enlarge.js is a responsive, mobile-friendly image zoom jQuery plugin that supports both mouse and touch events.


[Demo] [Download]

Product Gallery With Image Zoom - jQuery zoom-image.js

zoom-image.js is a jQuery product gallery plugin for online stores that enable the customers to switch between product images and display the large version of the image with a magnifying glass effect on hover.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Product Image Magnification Plugin - jQuery EasyZoom

A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for product image magnification that creates a magnifier overlay on top of your image and displays the enlarged region of the image on mouse hover and move.


[Demo] [Download]

Product Carousel With Magnifying Glass Effect - jQuery exzoom

exzoom is a simple yet powerful and mobile-compatible product carousel/gallery jQuery plugin for your eCommerce websites or online stores.


[Demo] [Download]

Mobile-friendly Image Viewer Plugin - jQuery img-preview.js

img-preview.js is a lightweight (~2kb minified) and simple-to-use jQuery plugin which provides the 'Click or Tap To Zoom' functionality on your images.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Image Viewer Plugin With jQuery

A really simple and cross-browser image viewer built with jQuery library that features image zoom, image rotate, image pan, zoom on mousewheel, keyboard interactions and more.


[Demo] [Download]

eBay Inspired Magnify Image On Hover Plugin - jQuery Magnifier

Magnifier is a lightweight jQuery image zoom plugin inspired by eBay.com that applies a smooth, hover-triggered Magnifying Glass Effect to multiple images.


[Demo] [Download]

Touch-enabled SVG Pan & Zoom Plugin - jQuery SVGPanZoom

A jQuery plugin that enables panning and zoom in/out functionalities on SVG images using mouse drag, mouse wheel, touch swipe and touch pinch events.


[Demo] [Download]

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