10 Best Loading Spinner & Indicator jQuery Plugins For 2019

This is a fresh, hand-picker list of 10 best jQuery loading spinner and loading indicator plugins to indicate the current loading status while loading asynchronous content into the web app. I hope you like it.

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Custom Loading Spinner With Sprite Animations - jQuery Preloaders.js

Yet another jQuery plugin for creating sprite sheet based animated loading spinners that can be appended to any elements such as modals, buttons, containers, etc.


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Minimal Loader/Preloader Plugin - jQuery preloadinator

The preloadinator jQuery plugin helps you create a CSS based animated loading indicator that is fully controllable and configurable via JavaScript. Ideal for both loader and preloader.


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Customizable Loading Modal Plugin - jQuery modal-loading

modal-loading is a jQuery plugin to create animated, highly customizable, modal-style loading indicators for ajax/async loading content.


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Cross-browser Loading Indicator Plugin - jQuery showLoading.js

showLoading.js is a small, customizable, cross-browser jQuery loading indicator plugin to indicate the AJAX loading status on any container element.


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Basic Loading Indicator Plugin With jQuery - Wload.js

Wload.js is a really small, cross-browser jQuery loading indicator plugin which displays a loading screen with custom loading spinner and loading text on the screen.


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Skeleton Loading Screen With jQuery And CSS3 - avnSkeleton

avnSkeleton is a jQuery plugin used to create a customizable, CSS3 animated, Facebook inspired skeleton preview of your web content while waiting for async data.


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Loading Indicator With Dynamic Loading Text - Incipit

Incipit is a jQuery plugin for creating attractive loading indicator with custom loading spinner, loading message, site logo and dynamic random quotes stored in a JSON file.


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Minimal Toast Notification & Loading Indicator Plugin - Toast.js

Toast.js is a super simple, CSS-less jQuery plugin to create animated loading indicators and Android-inspired success/error toast notifications on the webpage.


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Custom Loading Modal With jQuery And Font Awesome Icons - fa-loading

fa-loading is a jQuery plugin for creating customizable loading modal windows that use Font Awesome icons as loading spinners.


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Minimal Ladda Button Plugin For jQuery - loadingBtn.js

loadingBtn.js is a tiny jQuery for ladda buttons, which lets you add an inline loading status indicator to an action button of your choice (typically a submit button for ajax form submitting).


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  • Publication date: 04.01.2019
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