10 Best Parallax Scrolling Effect jQuery Plugins Of 2019

The Parallax Scroll Effect jQuery plugin helps you implement the Parallax Scrolling Effect on elements (typically background images) as you scroll down or up the webpage. In this blog post you will find the top 50 best jQuery Parallax Scroll Effect plugins for modern web design. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Nov 17 2017, updated Feb 21 2019

Background Parallax Effect On Scroll Or Mousemove - jQuery parallaxBackground

Yet another jQuery background parallax plugin which applies subtle animations (rotate, shift and zoom) to background images as you scroll the webpage (or triggered by mouse move).


[Demo] [Download]

Fade In Elements With A Parallax Effect - Landing-Elements

Landing-Elements is a jQuery plugin for fancy scroll interactions that make elements fly in from specific directions with fadeIn and parallax effects as you scroll down the webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Background Parallax Scroll Plugin - jQuery ParaLasic

The jQuery ParaLasic plugin applies a subtle smooth parallax scroll effect to backgrounds using CSS background-position property and a little bit of JavaScript.


[Demo] [Download]

Modern Background Parallax Scroll Effect With jQuery And CSS

An elegant approach to creating a modern smooth parallax scroll effect on background images using jQuery and CSS background properties.


[Demo] [Download]

Any Content Parallax Scroll Effect In jQuery - parallaxContent

parallaxContent is a jQuery plugin which applies a smooth parallax scrolling effect on any elements as you scroll down or scroll up the page.


[Demo] [Download]

Multi-layer Image Parallax Scrolling Effect With jQuery

A dead simple jQuery solution that applies a subtle parallax scrolling effect to multi-layered images using CSS3 2D transforms.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Parallax Scroll Plugin With jQuery And CSS3 - UIparalax

The UIparalax jQuery plugin utilizes CSS3 3D transforms to create smooth parallax scrolling effects on single or multiple DOM elements.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Cross-browser Parallax Scrolling Effect In jQuery

A jQuery implementation of the Parallax Scrolling Effect that simply alters the background position of your background image on window scroll.


[Demo] [Download]

Auto-Moving Parallax Elements - jQuery PointParallax

PointParallax is a jQuery plugin for creating parallax scrolling effects that automatically move any element from one point to another while scrolling.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Parallax Scroll Effect In jQuery - Parallax.js

An extremely simple jQuery plugin to create a high-performance, mobile-compatible parallax scroll effect by alerting the vertical position of your background image on scroll.


[Demo] [Download]

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