10 Best Particle System jQuery Plugins

Particle System made easy!

This is a collection of 10 best and most downloaded jQuery plugin used to create customizable, interactive Particle System for the background of your modern web design. Have fun.

jQuery Plugin For Particle System Background with Parallax Effect - Particleground

Particleground is a fancy jQuery plugin to create an animated 'Particle System' background with an interactive parallax effect that responds to mouse movement.


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Confetti Animation Effect With jQuery And Canvas - Confetti.js

Confetti.js is a small jQuery plugin which makes uses of HTML5 canvas to create a fullscreen, great-looing confetti falling effect on the webpage.


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Customizable Interactive Particles Animation with jQuery - jParticle

jParticle is a jQuery plugin for creating an animated, interactive, fully customizable particle system using requestAnimationFrame on a canvas element


[Demo] [Download]

Lightweight jQuery Plugin For Creating Particles Animation - Particles.js

Yet another jQuery Particle System plugin which helps you generate animated physical particles on an HTML5 canvas element.


[Demo] [Download]

Create An Animated Particle System with jQuery and Canvas

A snazzy animated Particle System built with Html5 canvas element, RequestAnimFrame smooth animations and a little jQuery magic.


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Polygonal Particles Background With jQuery And Canvas - polygonizr

polygonizr is a jQuery plugin which uses JavaScript and HTML5 canvas to draw an animated, customizable, polygonal particles system on the webpage.


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Awesome Interactive Particles Slideshow with HTML5 Canvas

An awesome interactive slideshow component with math shapes and texts using html5 Canvas and CSS3.


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Generating Animated Particles with jQuery and Canvas

Canvas Particles is a JQuery plugin that renders animated, interactive, fully configurable particles using HTML5 canvas 2D API.


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Animated Particle Background Plugin - jQuery animated-bg.js

animated-bg.js is a small jQuery plugin to create a fancy attractive background by animating custom particles using CSS3 animations.


[Demo] [Download]

Basic Moving Particle System With jQuery And CSS - flying-circles

Yet another particle system written in jQuery and CSS that helps you create highly customizable, randomly animated particles in the background.


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