10 Best Text Typing Animation jQuery Plugins Of 2018

Use these 10 Best Text Typing jQuery Plugins to simulate typewriter-like text typing and deleting effects for your headlines, titles, and any import text messages. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Dec 30 2017, updated Dec 12 2018

Dynamic Text Rotator With Typing Effect - jQuery typer.js

typer.js is a very small jQuery text rotator plugin which allows you to rotate through an array of text strings with typewriter style typing and deleting animations.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Configurable Text Typing Animation - jQuery Typing-Effects

Just another terminal-like typing animation plugin for jQuery that makes it possible to prints and rotates through an array of strings character by character.


[Demo] [Download]

Simulate Typing And Deleting Text With jQuery - qwerty.js

qwerty.js is a super tiny jQuery plugin which makes it easier to simulate typing and deleting text letter by letter on your webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

Anchor Link Typing Animation In jQuery - jTyper

jTyper is a really simple jQuery plugin to create typewriter style typing animations that supports both plain text and anchor links.


[Demo] [Download]

Print Text Line-by-line With Typing Effect - jQuery TypeWriter

Yet another jQuery text animation plugin which prints text line-by-line with a typing animation similar to the typewriter and terminal.


[Demo] [Download]

Custom Typing/Deleting Animations For Input - jQuery Typingeffect

Typingeffect is a jQuery plugin that applies custom CSS3 powered animations to characters when typing and deleting characters in an input field.


[Demo] [Download]

Print Text Line By Line With A Typing Animation - typeWriter

A bare-bones jQuery plugin to simulate the typewriter effect that prints an array of strings line by line with a typing animation.


[Demo] [Download]

Add Typing Effect To Existing Text - jQuery TyperText.JS

TyperText.JS is a super simple jQuery text animation plugin that outputs your text character per character to simulate a text typing effect on the page.


[Demo] [Download]

Text Highlighting & Typing Effects In jQuery - typeLighter.js

typeLighter.js is a jQuery plugin which lets you create an infinite-looping text rotator with text highlighting, typing and deleting effects.


[Demo] [Download]

Terminal Style Typing Animation In jQuery - pixel-blue-writer

pixel-blue-writer is a simple yet customizable jQuery plugin that lets you create Terminal- and Typewriter-style animated typing/deleting effects on the web page.


[Demo] [Download]

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