10 Best Toggle Switch jQuery Plugins For 2019

Here are 10 best and top rated jQuery plugin to create user-friendly switch controls and toggle buttons for your web design. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Jan 03 2018, updated Jan 2019

Customizable Switch Button Plugin For Bootstrap - Bootstrap Switch

A highly flexible and customizable jQuery plugin which converts the normal checkbox and radio inputs into swipe toggle switches using Bootstrap button styles.


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Customizable Interactive Toggle Switch Plugin With jQuery - btnSwitch

btnSwitch is a simple, customizable jQuery plugin which converts any DIV elements into button or checkbox based on/off toggle switches with custom themes and callbacks support.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist ON/OFF Switch With jQuery And FontAwesome - toggle-onoff

toggle-onoff is a dead simple jQuery plugin for creating a toggle switch that uses Font Awesome for the on/off icons.


[Demo] [Download]

Switch Style Radio Buttons In jQuery - Simple Input Toggle

The jQuery Simple Input Toggle plugin transforms the normal radio inputs into switch-style toggle buttons for better user experience.


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Simple Plain Toggle Button Plugin For jQuery - miniToggle.js

miniToggle.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin which transforms normal DIV element into an iOS-style smooth toggle button (switch) with variable colors and toggle event supports.


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iOS Style Toggle Switch With Gooey Effect - jQuery mSwitch

Yet another jQuery toggle switch plugin which transforms a regular checkbox input into an iOS style switch control with cool gooey sliding effects when toggled.


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Basic ON/OFF Toggle Switches In jQuery - Switcher

Switcher is an ultra-light jQuery plugin that transforms the native Checkbox and Radio Button elements into iOS inspired on/off toggle switches just with a JS call.


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Checkbox Based Sliding Switch - jQuery simpleToggler

simpleToggler is a lightweight jQuery plugin that transforms the normal checkbox inputs into animated, easy-to-custom toggle switches.


[Demo] [Download]

Custom Checkbox/Radio/Switch Controls With jQuery - simpleCheck

simpleCheck is a jQuery plugin which uses JavaScript and CSS to create beautiful custom checkboxes, radio buttons and toggle switches for better user experience.


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Three States Toggle Switch With jQuery - jQuery jToggler

The jToggler jQuery plugin converts the normal checkbox into an iOS-style toggle switch that enables the user to select between three options: Checked, Unchecked and Indeterminate.


[Demo] [Download]

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