10 Best Tour jQuery Plugins Of 2018

 A jQuery tour plugin allows you to quickly create an interactive, dynamic, step-by-step guide for specific elements within the document. In this post, You will see a list of 10 best jQuery tour plugins that help guide your users through products, new features, featured content on the web app.

Flexible jQuery Website Tour Plugin - Trip.js

Trip.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you create a customizable and skinable website tour with an auto step-by-step guide for introducing tutorial and new features for your visitors.


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Simple Step By Step Site Tour Plugin - Intro.js

Intro.js is a simple and fast js library that make it easier to create Step By Step website tour guide with keyboard and mouse support.


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Smooth and Lightweight jQuery Site Feature Tours Plugin - Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a lightweight jQuery plugin that implement smooth and customizable website feature tours using JSON object on your web page.


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jQuery Plugin For Step By Step Website Introduction - Hemi Intro

Hemi Intro is a simple and fast jQuery plugin that creates an interactive step-by-step guide for your website or web application.


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Easy Interactive Visual Tour Plugin For jQuery - myTour

mytour is a simple jQuery plugin used to create an interactive visual tour for your website to let your visitors learn about new features and functions.


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jQuery Feature Tours Plugin - Joyride

Joyride is a cool and mobile-friendly jQuery plugin for easily and quickly creating feature tours for your website or web application using small tooltips.


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jQuery Plugin To Create An Interactive Guide On Web Pages

Guide is a lightweight jQuery plugin used to create an interactive visual tour for the visitors to learn about new features & functions of your web page.


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Simple Step-by-step Site Tour Plugin For jQuery - Tour.js

Tour.js is a jQuery plugin that creates a site tour wizard for your website to provide new feature introduction or step-by-step users guide.


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Animated Step-by-step Tooltip Site Tour With jQuery - Chariot

Chariot is a jQuery site guide/tour/wizard plugin for generating step-by-step tours that allow the users to walk through your website & web app using animated, easy-to-style, tooltip-like popup layers.


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Interactive Visual Guide Plugin For Bootstrap - jQuery Tour

A Bootstrap plugin to create an accessible, interactive visual guide that lets your users guide through / scroll between new features and functions in your web app.


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  • Publication date: 20.01.2018
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