10 Best Tour jQuery Plugins Of 2019

 A jQuery tour plugin allows you to quickly create an interactive, dynamic, step-by-step guide for specific elements within the document. In this post, You will see a list of 10 best jQuery tour plugins that help guide your users through products, new features, featured content on the web app.

Originally Published Jan 16 2018, updated Feb 20 2019

Animated Step-by-step Tooltip Site Tour With jQuery - Chariot

Chariot is a jQuery site guide/tour/wizard plugin for generating step-by-step tours that allow the users to walk through your website & web app using animated, easy-to-style, tooltip-like popup layers.


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Interactive Visual Guide Plugin For Bootstrap - jQuery Tour

A Bootstrap plugin to create an accessible, interactive visual guide that lets your users guide through / scroll between new features and functions in your web app.


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Interactive Site Tour Plugin With jQuery And Bootstrap - DKNotus-Tour

DKNotus-Tour is a tiny yet powerful jQuery site tour plugin which guides your users through a tour of your webpage or web app using Bootstrap popover component.


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Guide Your Users Around The Web Application - jQuery Tour.js

Tour.js is a jQuery plugin that provides your users a configurable, navigatable, step-by-step, guided tour around your web application.


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jQuery Plugin To Create Guided Website Feature Tours - PageIntro.js

PageIntro.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin for highlighting DOM elements and creating step-by-step interactive tours to introduce new features and recommended content on your web app.


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Interactive Step-by-step Guide Through Plugin For jQuery - TourBus

TourBus is a simple yet fully configurable jQuery tour/walkthrough plugin for creating interactive. step-by-step introductions for your site/app components or features.


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jQuery Plugin To Highlight Important Sections In Sequence - highlight-window

highlight-window is a tiny, simple-to-use jQuery plugin that helps you create a fullscreen overlay to highlight important sections of the html document in sequence.


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Customizable Tour Plugin With jQuery - Product Tour

A lightweight jQuery guided tour plugin which makes it easier to generate smart, customizable, mobile-friendly, step-by-step site/page/feature/product tours on the web app.


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Interactive Tooltip-style Guided Tour Plugin - jQuery TourJS

TourJS is a jQuery-dependent tour library that helps you create customizable, interactive, tooltip-style, step-by-step tours to guide your users through your web application.


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jQuery Plugin To Generate Step Based Site Guides - uiGlide

uiGlide is a jQuery plugin that helps you create a step-by-step site tour/guide to make awesome navigatable introductions for your site's new features and components


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