10 Best Tree View Plugins For jQuery (2019 Update)

The tree view is a web ui component that provides a hierarchical view of the lists, folders, files, libraries that allow the user to expand and collapse nodes by click.

In this blog post, you will see a list of 30 best jQuery plugins that make it easier to generate the tree view in your web applications. Have fun.

Originally Published Feb 27 2018, updated Feb 24 2019

Collapsible Tree View With Checkboxes - jQuery hummingbird-treeview

hummingbird-treeview is a jQuery plugin that transforms nested html lists into an expandable, collapsible, searchable, checkable, hierarchical tree structure.


[Demo] [Download]

Powerful Dynamic Tree Plugin With jQuery - jsTree

jsTree is a powerful jQuery plugin used to generate dynamic, interactive tree views (for example folder tree) with support for inline editing, drag'n'drop, checkboxes, keyboard navigation and more.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Plain Checkbox Tree Plugin - jQuery Checktree

Just another jQuery based checkbox tree plugin that displays your hierarchical data in a tree structure with checkboxes.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Folding Tree Structures - file-explore.js

file-explore.js is a minimal jQuery folder tree/file explorer plugin used to convert nested unordered lists into a hierarchical tree that is both expandable and collapsible.


[Demo] [Download]

Dynamic Ajax File Tree Plugin For jQuery - jsFiler

jsFiler is an AJAX-enabled jQuery file/folder tree plugin that allows the user to display/edit hierarchical data in a folder structure similar to the file explorer.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Dynamic Checkbox Tree Plugin For jQuery - checkTree

Just another jQuery checkbox tree plugin which helps you dynamically render a hierarchical tree structure with checkboxes.


[Demo] [Download]

Flexible Dynamic Tree Generator With jQuery - Bonsai.js

Yet another jQuery tree view plugin that lets you create a flexible, dynamic, expandable and collapsible tree control from nested html lists or hierarchical JSON data.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Family Tree Generator With JavaScript - jQuery Tree.js

A lightweight, simple and semantic jQuery family tree plugin which helps you to draw complex family tree diagrams from nested HTML unordered lists.


[Demo] [Download]

File Explorer-like Tree View Plugin For jQuery - explr-js

explr-js is a jQuery plugin that converts nested html lists into a File Explorer-like hierarchical tree with smooth animation and custom icons support.


[Demo] [Download]

Checkable Hierarchical Tree Plugin - jQuery sim-tree

The jQuery sim-tree plugin lets you create a checkable, hierarchical tree with support for asynchronous data loading and indeterminate (tri-state) checkboxes.


[Demo] [Download]

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