15 Best Date And Time Picker jQuery Plugins Of 2018

The date and time picker plugin makes it easier to select dates, times and date ranges for your booking, schedule, event calendar web apps. In this post you will find the 15 best jQuery Date and Time Picker plugins published at jQuery Script. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Dec 04 2017, updated Dec 04 2018

Customizable Date/Time Picker Component For Bootstrap 4

This is a useful and highly customizable date/time picker component for Bootstrap 4 framework that uses Font Awesome icons instead of Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons.


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50 Best Date And Time Picker jQuery Plugins Of 2017

In this post you will find the 50 best jQuery Date and Time Picker plugins published at jQuery Script.


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Beautiful Datetime Picker With jQuery And Moment.js

Yet another date & time picker plugin which appends a pretty nice, multi-language date and time selection popup to a hidden input field using jQuery and moment.js JavaScript libraries.


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Customizable Time Picker For jQuery UI Datepicker - Timepicker-Addon

Timepicker-Addon is a jQuery plugin which adds a highly customizable, multi-language time picker to the regular jQuery UI datapicker widget.


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Customizable Date & Time Picker For Bootstrap 4

A simple-to-implement and highly customizable jQuery date & time picker plugin for the latest Bootstrap 4 framework.


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Check-in And Check-out Date Range Picker - jQuery t-datepicker

t-datepicker is a responsive, flexible, elegant, themeable, highly-configurable data range picker written in JavaScript (jQuery) and CSS(SASS).


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Simple Clean Date Picker Plugin For jQuery - datepicker.js

A minimal, clean date picker for jQuery to select a date from a calendar popup that appears above or below the input field when clicked.


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Convenient Date Range Picker For jQuery UI - date-ranges-selector

The date ranges selector plugin uses jQuery UI datepicker widget to create user-friendly date pickers for hotel/ticket booking apps.


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Full Featured Datetime Picker For Bootstrap 4/3/2

An easy-to-use yet highly customizable jQuery date & time picker for Bootstrap 4/3/2 frameworks.


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Basic Multilingual Calendar & Date Picker Plugin For jQuery

A small jQuery plugin to create a basic yet customizable calendar widget where you can customize the month names and trigger an event when a date is selected.


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User-friendly Time Picker Component - tui.time-picker

tui.time-picker is a minimal, user-friendly, multi-language time picker component written/implemented in jQuery. Supports ante meridiem (AM) and post meridiem (PM).


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Convenient Calendar & Date Picker Component - jQuery tui.date-picker

tui.date-picker is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, multi-language, highly customizable calendar, time/date/month/year picker and date range picker component implemented in jQuery.


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Easy User-friendly Time Picker Plugin - jQuery timebox

timebox is a simple, lightweight, cross-browser jQuery time picker plugin which enables the users to select hours, minutes and AM/PM from a popup box for easier time selection.


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Unobtrusive Time Picker Dropdown Plugin - jQuery timeSelect.js

The jQuery timeSelect.js plugin adds an unobtrusive, user-friendly time picker to your form field that enables the visitor to select predefined times from a dropdown panel.


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Select Dates & Times From Form Fields - jQuery moDateTimeField

moDateTimeField is a simple, convenient, mobile-compatible jQuery DateTime picker plugin for the web.


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