15 Best Toast Notification jQuery Plugins Of 2018

This is a list of 15 best toast notification jQuery plugins of 2018 that makes it simple to create and display Android style toasts in your web pages or web applications. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Dec 22 2017, updated Dec 06 2018

Desktop Notification Style Alert & Toast Message Plugin - MK Web Notifications

MK Web Notifications is a jQuery plugin used for generating Desktop Notification style alert and toast message boxes that slide in from the edge of your screen.


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Minimal Toast Notification & Loading Indicator Plugin - Toast.js

Toast.js is a super simple, CSS-less jQuery plugin to create animated loading indicators and Android-inspired success/error toast notifications on the webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

Clean Customizable Notification Popup Plugin - jQuery Notify

A lightweight yet customizable, non-blocking jQuery notification plugin for creating permanent or toast (temporary) notification popups on top of the webpage.


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Small Unobtrusive Toast Popup Plugin For jQuery - simpleToast

simpleToast is a small, unobtrusive yet customizable jQuery notification plugin to create minimal, clean, non-blocking toast popups on the web app.


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Mobile-friendly Toast Notification Plugin - jQuery notify.js

notify.js is a tiny, customizable jQuery plugin for creating toast-style alert and notice popups that fallback to bottom notification bars on mobile and tablet devices.


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Easy Unobtrusive Toaster Plugin For jQuery - gg-notif

gg-notif is a jQuery notification plugin to create unobtrusive, auto-dismiss, CSS3 animated, Material Design inspired toast messages that are configurable via HTML data attributes.


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Elegant Toast Notification Library For jQuery - Notify

Notify is a small jQuery notification plugin used to create Material Toast like notification messages sliding in/out from the edge of your screen.


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Non-blocking Message Notification Plugin - jQuery Toastr

Just another jQuery notification plugin to display informational/alert messages in toast-like, non-blocking, and highly customizable notification popups.


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Toast Like Notification With Countdown Timer Bar - jQuery notificationManager

A notification manager for jQuery for creating toast-like, non-blocking notification popups with countdown timer bars.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Flash Message & Toast Notification Plugin - jQuery flash.js

flash.js is a minimal yet customizable jQuery notification plugin for creating animated flash/toast messaging system to provide unobtrusive user feedback on the web application.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Clean Toaster Plugin For jQuery - Info.js

Info.js is a really small jQuery plugin to create toast-style, non-blocking, absolutely positioned notification messages on the screen.


[Demo] [Download]

Tiny Toast Notification Library For jQuery - Toast.js

Toast.js is a small, simple, CSS-less, cross-browser jQuery toast notification plugin that you can determine how long the toast message stays on the screen.


[Demo] [Download]

Stackable Toast Notification Plugin - jQuery Pomelo Toast

Pomelo Toast is a tiny jQuery plugin to create toast-like notification messages that stack one after another when there are multiple instances on the page.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Dynamic Message Toaster For jQuery - MessageJS

MessageJS is a super tiny and easy-to-use jQuery plugin to display dynamic, stackable, growl-style notification alerts on the webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

CSS3 Animated Toast/Growl Notification Library - Notifications-API

The Notifications-API JavaScript library provides an easy way to create animated toast and/or growl notifications using jQuery and Animate.css.


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