25 Best Lazy Loading jQuery Plugins Of 2017

Lazy loading is a modern design pattern that has the ability defer the loading of images (or other DOM elements) until needed. In this post you will find the 25+ best jQuery lazy load plugins to lazy load those heavy stuffs within the document to improve the page load time. I hope you like it.

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jQuery Based Youtube Video Lazy Loader With HD Thumbnail

A jQuery plugin that displays the high quality thumbnail of your Youtube video, and then fetches and loads the Youtube iframe player only when the thumbnail is clicked.


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Tiny Performant Image Lazy Load Plugin with jQuery - imgLazyLoad

A simple, lightweight and high performance jQuery image lazy load plugin that delays loading of images until they enter viewport.


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Performant Image Lazy Loading Plugin with jQuery - imglazy

imglazy is a super tiny and performance-focused jQuery plugin which handles lazy loading of images within your document with a fade-in effect as they come into view.


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Medium-style Progressive Image Loading Effect In jQuery - lqip.js

lqip.js is a super tiny jQuery plugin used to progressively load large images with a blur effect to improve the page load time. Similar to the Medium.com's image loading effect.


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jQuery Plugin To Lazy Load Youtube Videos Until Needed - LazyTube

Yet another jQuery Youtube video lazy load plugin that displays the thumbnail images of Youtube videos on the webpage and then plays them when clicked.


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Easy Image Loader & Preloader Plugin With jQuery - lazyRender

lazyRender is a simple jQuery image lazy loader & preloader plugin for lazy loading images when needed as well as pre-loading specific images to improve the page loading speed.


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Lazy Load Images & Backgrounds As Needed - jQuery Air Load Image

Just another jQuery lazy load plugin that has the ability to delay image (and even background image) loading to only when they appear on the screen.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Lazy Image Loader Plugin With jQuery - lazyLoad.js

A really simple jQuery plugin that allows you to easily lazy load your large images with just one single line of JavaScript.


[Demo] [Download]

Multi-functional jQuery Content Lazy Load Plugin - Smartify

Smartify is a simple yet robust jQuery plugin that provides lazy load functionality on any DOM elements to improve the page load time.


[Demo] [Download]

Deferring Image Loading Until Page Is Loaded - jQuery DeferImageLoading

The jQuery Defer Image Loading plugin defers the image loading until all the content of you webpage is completely loaded.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Lazy Load Plugin For Background Images - nLazy

nLazy is a super lightweight (<1kb) jQuery plugin which delays loading of background images until the containers enter viewport.


[Demo] [Download]

Tiny jQuery Image Lazy Load Plugin With Custom Placeholder Support - imagesDelay.js

imagesDelay.js is a lightweight, cross-browser, high-performance jQuery image lazy load plugin for long web pages containing tons of large images.


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jQuery Plugin To Load Background Images On the Right Viewport - lazysizebg

lazysizebg is an ultra-light jQuery responsive image solution which automatically delivers correct solution background images at specified breakpoints.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Lazy Load Images After Page Load - siLoader

siLoader is an extremely lightweight jQuery plugin that speeds up the page load by deferring the loading of images until the page has been completely loaded.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For lazy Loading Youtube Videos - youCover

A Youtube lazy loader plugin with jQuery that replaces the default Youtube player with its cover image and loads actual YouTube videos ONLY when needed (click the thumbnail).


[Demo] [Download]

Defer Image Loading Until In Viewport - jQuery Late images

Late images is a lightweight, performant jQuery lazy load plugin that your images outside of viewport are not loaded until they become visible on page scroll.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Image Lazy Load Plugin - jQuery lazy.js

lazy.js is a very small jQuery lazy load plugin which can be used to save load time and data usage by avoiding downloading images that are out of the viewport.


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Progressive Enhancement Vimeo Video Player - jQuery vimeoplayer.js

A fast, progressive enhancement jQuery vimeo video player plugin that parses and converts the Vimeo link within the document into an iframe embbed Vimeo video player.


[Demo] [Download]

Any Content Lazy Load Plugin With jQuery - lazyload-any

lazyload-any is a jQuery lazy loader which has the ability to delay the loading of any html contents (for example images, iframes, overflow contents) until they come into view.


[Demo] [Download]

Execute Functions After A Period Of Time - jQuery lazyLoad.js

lazyLoad.js is a jQuery plugin to execute your scripts when specific elements are scrolled into view and stay on the screen for a period of time.


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