30 Best Autocomplete & Typeahead Plugins With jQuery

Autocomplete is a generic design pattern that is typically used in an input field, which displays a dropdown list containing predefined suggestions when typing. In this blog post, we collected and listed here a list of 30 best jQuery plugins to easily and quickly implement the Autocomplete & Typeahead functionalities on your modern web app. Have fun.

jQuery & jQuery UI Plugin For Simle Tokenized Autocomplete - Autocomplete Multiselect

Autocomplete Multiselect is a plugin for jQuery & jQuery UI that turns a standard text input filed into a tokenized autocomplete box.


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Multi-Select & Autocomplete Dropdown Plugin For jQuery - MSelectDialogBox

A jQuery plugin that attaches a dropdown list with capabilities of multi select and autocomplete to any DOM elements (e.g. input fields) when getting focused.


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Simple jQuery Tagging & Tokenizer Input with Autocomplete - Tokens

Tokens is a jQuery plugin that converts an input filed into a tagging/tokenizer input that breaks up what your user typed into tokens or tags, with suggestion/autocomplete box display.


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jQuery Plugin For Custom Filterable Select Box - Editable Select

Editable Select is a minimal jQuery select enhancement plugin for converting a regular select box into a filterable, autocomplete input field.


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Simple Flexible jQuery Autocomplete Plugin - Flexdatalist

A simple, flexible, powerful jQuery plugin which provides the 'autocomplete' functionality on your input field with support for local datalist and remote JSON data.


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Bootstrap Combo Box & Typeahead Plugin With jQuery

A simple, convenient jQuery dropdown plugin which converts the normal select element into a combo box with typeahead/autocomplete support.


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Multipurpose jQuery Input Autocomplete Plugin - Easy Autocomplete

A simple yet robust jQuery plugin that makes it easiter to create autocomplete dropdown list for text input fields.


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jQuery Tags Input Plugin with Typeahead Autocompletion

Typeahead Tagging is a lightweight jQuery plugin that turns a regular text field into a tag system with support for Typeahead based autocompletion.


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Twitter Like @Mentions Auto Suggesting Plugin with jQuery - Bootstrap Suggest

Bootstrap Suggest is a jQuery plugin which allows to implement Twitter style username autocomplete/autosuggest feature on your textarea elements.


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Dynamic Autocomplete & Multi-select Plugin With jQuery - magicsearch

magicsearch is a AJAX enabled jQuery plugin which allows the visitor to select single or multiple items from a predefined dropdown list when typing something.


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AJAX-enabled Autocomplete Plugin For Bootstrap - Search Suggest

Search Suggest is a feature-rich, Ajax-enabled jQuery autocomplete / autosuggest plugin for Bootstrap framework.


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Simple jQuery & jQuery UI Autocomplete Plugin For Textareas

Today I'm going to introduce a jQuery & jQuery UI script that allows you to create autocomplete/autosuggest boxes for textareas.


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jQuery Ajax Autocomplete Plugin For Input Fields - Autocomplete

jQuery.Autocomplete is a jQuery based autocomplete plugin that attaches autocomplete/autosuggest drop down list with ajax lookup to text input fields when your users input.


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Dynamic Autocomplete Tag Input Plugin For jQuery - Tokenize2

A jQuery plugin that allows to select multiple tags from a drop down list populated with suggestions defined in the select element and/or an external JSON file.


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Google Style Easy Autocomplete Plugin For jQuery

Just another jQuery autocomplete plugin that display a Google-style autocomplete dropdown list as you type something into a text field


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jQuery Tags Input Plugin with Autocomplete Support - Mab Tag Input

mab.jquery.taginput is a jQuery plugin used to transform a text field into a nice input field to manage tags.


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jQuery Autocomplete Plugin By Twitter - typeahead.js

typeahead.js is a javascript library inspired by Twitter's autocomplete search functionality for creating smart auto-complete form fields.


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jQuery Table Based Autocomplete Plugin - tAutocomplete

tAutocomplete is a jQuery autocomplete plugin that provides suggestions from a multi-column table in a dropdown list while the visitors type into the input field.


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Simple Inline Autocomplete / Autosuggest Plugin - suggest.js

suggest.js is a simple-to-use jQuery plugin for auto- suggesting and completing text in an input field based on user input.


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jQuery Plugin For Text Live Search - Search.js

Search.js is a jQuery based live search plugin which adds an autocomplete/autosuggest box (for local JSON data) to your search input.


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Simple jQuery Email Autocomplete & Suggestion Plugin

An user-friendly and mobile-friendly jQuery plugin that suggests and autocompletes the domain suffix from a list of predefined email domains while an user types into the email input field.


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Multicolumn Autocomplete Control with jQuery and jQuery UI

A very small jQuery plugin that extends the default jQuery UI autocomplete widget to allow multi-column suggestion dropdown list.


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Auto-Complete Email Addresses with jQuery Auto Email Plugin

Yet another jQuery plugin designed for email fields that autocompletes email addresses from a pre-defined domain list.


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AJAX-enabled Typeahead & Autocomplete Plugin For jQuery And Bootstrap

A jQuery & Bootstrap plugin that adds the AJAX-enabled typeahead & autocomplete functionality to the normal input fields.


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Twitter & Facebook Like Mention Input Plugin with jQuery

A jQuery plugin that pops-up an auto- complete/suggest dropdown list while you start typing '@' in textarea or input textbox.


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Lightweight jQuery Autocomplete & Suggestion Plugin - autoComplete

A tiny, easy and flexible jQuery autocomplete & suggestion plugin with support for cache, term highlighting and Ajax requests.


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Flat jQuery Tags Input Plugin with Autocomplete - inputTags

inputTags is a pretty, flat style jQuery tags input plugin which allows you to manage tags in a text input with support for autocomplete and tags validation.


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Facebook-like @mention Autocomplete Plugin With jQuery - mentiony

mentiony is a jQuery plugin that allows you to mention people in a textarea / input field like you are used to on Facebook or Twitter.


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Simple & Easy jQuery Autocomplete Plugin - Autocompleter

Autocompleter is a simple, easy, customizable, cache-enabled jQuery plugin which allows you to select an item from a dropdown list populated with suggestions.


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Multi-purpose jQuery Autocomplete & Autosuggest Plugin - Completer

Completer is a simple yet robust jQuery plugin which allows to autocomplete input fields (emails, domains, custom strings, etc) from a dropdown suggestion box.


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  • Publication date: 24.03.2018
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