30 Best Checkbox And Radio Input Plugins Of 2017

 This is a collection of 30 best free jQuery plugin to enhance, beautify and manipulate the default native checkboxes and radio buttons. I hope you like it.

jQuery Plugin For Beautifying Checkboxes And Radio Buttons - iCheck

iCheck is a fancy and lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you create beautiful and highly customizable checkboxex and radio buttons with 25 built-in options and 6 skins.


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Creating iOS 7 Style Toggle Switches With Switchery.js

Switchery is a simple javascript component that converts the standard Html checkboxes into flat iOS 7 style toggle switches with nice sliding effects.


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jQuery Toggle Button Plugin For Bootstrap - Bootstrap Checkbox

Bootstrap Checkbox is a jQuery/Bootstrap plugin that converts a normal checkbox into a nice-looking toggle button control.


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jQuery Plugin For Tri-state Toggle Switches - Candlestick

Candlestick is a jQuery plugin that converts a normal checkbox into a stylish, touch-enabled on/off toggle switch with three check states: checked, unchecked and indeterminate.


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Touch Enabled & Skinnable Toggle Switches with jQuery - asSwitch

asSwitch is a jQuery plugin used to turns the normal checkbox into an intuitive, skinnable, draggable and touch compatible toggle switch.


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iOS 7 Style Smooth Toggle Buttons With jQuery and CSS3 - Checkable

Just another jQuery plugin used to create an iOS 7 like smooth toggle buttons with CSS3 transitions and transforms.


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jQuery Plugin For Labeled Checkbox and Radio Button - Labelauty

Labelauty is a stunning and subtle jQuery plugin for creating checkboxes and radio buttons with checked or unchecked custom labels.


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jQuery Plugin To Transform Radio Buttons Into A Sliders - Radios To Slider

Radios To Slider is a jQuery plugin to transform radio buttons into a nice styled value slider that allows you to pick a option with a simple sliding effect.


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iOS Style Checkbox Plugin with jQuery and CSS3 - iosCheckbox.js

A dead simple jQuery plugin that converts the default checkbox element into a beautiful iOS style switch control with smooth CSS3 transitions.


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Fully Customizable Radio Buttons / Checkboxes with jQuery and CSS

Yet another jQuery plugin used to beautify the default checkboxes and radio buttons using CSS and javascript, no images required.


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jQuery Plugin To Turn Radio Buttons & Checkboxes Into Labels - zInput

zInput is a simple lightweight jQuery plugin that turns the standard checkboxes and radio buttons into better looking clickable labels.


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Touch-Friendly Checkboxes and Radios Replacement Plugin - CheckABox

CheckABox is a pretty and touch-friendly jQuery plugin that takes advantage of javascript,CSS and font icons to replace the default checkboxes and radio buttons to make them more beautiful and user-friendly.


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Nice Checkbox And Radio Button Replacement Plugin - nicelabel.js

nicelabel.js is a tiny jQuery plugin that converts the default checkboxes and radio buttons into nice toggleable switches and/or selectable labels.


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jQuery Plugin For Checkbox Based Toggle Buttons - TinyToggle

TinyToggle contains a jQuery plugin and a web font that allows you to convert checkboxes into beautiful on / off toggle buttons / switches using Html5 data-* attributes. Features: 13 different types 8 different sizes and palettes 4 callback


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jQuery Plugin To Convert Radio Buttons Into Grouped Buttons - radiosforbuttons

Radios For Buttons is a jQuery alternative to the standard Html radio button that converts radio buttons into a series of buttons styling with Bootstrap 2/3.


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Flat jQuery Checkbox & Radio Button Replacement - checkboxradio

Checkboxradio is a jQuery plugin that replaces the default checkboxes and radio buttons with a modern flat style.


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jQuery Plugin For Beautifying Form Elements - Fancy Fields

fancy-fields is a jQuery and jQuery UI based plugin that allows you to beautify/custom your html form elements like input, text field, select list, checkbox, radio button, etc.


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jQuery Plugin To Turn Checkboxes Into Toggle Buttons - BlueToggleButton

A dead simple jQuery & jQuery UI based input type="checkbox" replacement that turns a general checkbox into a nice looking toggle button.


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Stylish Checkbox and Radio Button Replacement With jQuery - ScrewDefaultButtons

ScrewDefaultButtons is a lightweight (~2kb unzipped) jQuery plugin that replaces the default check boxes and radio buttons by using the background-image of your input.


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jQuery Plugin For Animated Custom Checkboxes & Radio Buttons - checkBo

checkBo is a jQuery plugin to create cross-browser & cross-platform checkboxes and radio buttons with animated check state powered by CSS3.


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Smooth Animated Toggle Control Plugin With jQuery and Bootstrap - Bootstrap Toggle

Bootstrap Toggle is a jQuery plugin that turns the checboxes into animated and highly customizable toggle controls based on templates with Bootstrap.


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Easy jQuery Checkbox and Radio Button Customization - Ion.CheckRadio

Ion.CheckRadio is a nice and easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to style the default Checkbox and Radio Button with 3 built-in skins.


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Beautiful and Scalable Checkbox Plugin with jQuery - alt-checkbox

alt-checkbox is a jQuery based alternative to standard html checkbox that helps you to create beautiful and scalable checkbox using CSS and Icon Fonts.


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Default Checkbox Replacement Plugin - jQuery prettyCheckable

jQuery prettyCheckable is a jQuery plugin that lets you beautify your default check box and radio inputs.


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jQuery Plugin To Check All Checkboxes - checkAll.js

Yet another jQuery plugin which allows the visitor to check (or uncheck) all checkboxes in a form or specific scopes.


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Modern Custom Radio Buttons with jQuery and CSS3

A tiny jQuery plugin that transforms your radio buttons into a modern dropdown list with background images interaction.


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Stylish Checkbox & Radio Buttons Replacement Plugin with jQuery - asCheck

asCheck is a jQuery plugin used to create stylish, skinnable checkboxes & radio buttons that are fully customizable via CSS.


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iOS-like Smooth Tri-state Switch Plugin With jQuery - multiSwitch

multiSwitch is a jQuery plugin for generating iOS-style smooth toggle switches from native checkboxes that work with 3 check states: on, off and null.


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Custom jQuery Checbox & Radio Input Plugin - Custom Checkbox

Custom Checkbox is a lightweight jQuery plugin which allows you to change the look of checkboxes and radio buttons by using your own images for check/uncheck states.


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Create Inline Checkbox & Radio Buttons In Bootstrap - TWS Toggle Buttons

A small jQuery plugin for Bootstrap 3/4 that transforms the normal checkbox and radio inputs into user-friendly toggle buttons using Bootstrap's Button Group component.


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jQuery Plugin To Create Beautiful Custom Form Controls - Formikation

Formikation is a jQuery plugin that uses CSS styles to create nice & clean form elements (inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.).


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