30 Best Form Validation jQuery Plugins

Validating an HTML form is NOT a simple task as you develop a modern web app.

In general, most develops are using the Native HTML5 Form Validation to validate the HTML form with native browser experience.

But it is NOT enough.

For better user experience, custom styles, error messages and validation rules must be taken into account.

Thanks to the jQuery library. There're tons of professional, highly customizable form validation plugins developed with JavaScript out there. This is why I wrote the article and listed here the 30 Best jQuery plugins to simply the form validation task. Enjoy.

Powerful Form Validation Plugin For jQuery and Bootstrap 3

Yet another jQuery and Bootstrap 3 powered form validation plugin to validate form values your user input with 16+ built-in validators.


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Powerful & Responsive jQuery Step-By-Step Form Plugin - Ideal Forms 3

Ideal Forms 3 is a form plugin for jQuery and jQuery UI that makes it easy to create a beautiful, responsive and extendable HTML5 step-by-step form for your project.


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Login Form Validation Plugin with jQuery and Bootstrap

A basic jQuery & Bootstrap 3 based form validation plugin to validate login form controls such as email address, required fields, password fields, etc.


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Powerful jQuery Form Validation Plugin - Validation Engine

Validation Engine is a jQuery plugin aimed at the validation of form fields in the browser.


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HTML5 Form Validation Plugin For Bootstrap - Bootstrap Validator

Bootstrap Validator makes uses of jQuery and HTML5 attributes to provide flexible, customizable and AJAX-enabled validation functionalities for your Bootstrap forms.


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Simple jQuery Form Wizard with Input Validation - Simple Form

Simple Form is a jQuery plugin that turns a form into a multi-step wizard with support for form validation and progress indication.


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jqBootstrapValidation - Validation Framework For Bootstrap Form

jqBootstrapValidation is a jQuery plugin that make it easy to create a validation framework for bootstrap forms.


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Powerful jQuery Form Wizard Plugin - formwizard

formwizard is a powerful and useful jQuery plugin that turns the standard html form into wizard like step-by-step page flows without having to reload the page in between wizard steps.


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Simple jQuery Input Validator For Bootstrap Forms - bsValidate

bsValidate is a simple lightweight jQuery plugin used to validate required/email/character text fields for your Bootstrap forms before submitting.


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jQuery Plugin For Easy Credit Card Inputs - Creditly.js

Creditly.js is a jQuery plugin for creating an input masked form with input validation for your customers that makes it easier to input credit card information.


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jQuery Plugin For Easy Client Side Form Validation - bValidator

bValidator is a simple jQuery plugin for executing client side validation as you submit a form, displaying error & hint messages next to the invalid inputs.


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jQuery Credit Card Form Formatting Plugin - Payment

jQuery Payment is an useful and simple jQuery plugin for E-commerce website to format and validate credit card form input field.


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Client-side Form Input Validation with jQuery and Bootstrap

A simple lightweight Javascript library that validates the form inputs and displays the error messages in the Bootstrap modal dialog.


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Lightweight Form Validation Plugin For jQuery and Bootstrap - jbootvalidator

jbootvalidator is a lightweight and simple to use jQuery & Boostrap plugin for validating form fields users input using custom data validation patterns.


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HTML5 Form Validation Plugin For jQuery - formvalidate

formvalidate is a powerful and useful jQuery plugin that helps validate your HTML forms.


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Small jQuery Real-Time Form Validation Plugin - Validetta

Validetta is a clean and simple jQuery client-side and real-time form validation plugin that checks the required field, email, number, credit card, and more other input fields while submitting.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Form Validation Plugin For Bootstrap 4 - jQuery s-validatejs

s-validatejs is a super tiny jQuery plugin that provides the client-side form field validation for the latest Bootstrap 4 framework.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Client-side Form Validation Plugin For jQuery - Validator

Validator is a brand new jQuery form validation plugin that that makes it easy to add validation to existing form elements.


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Powerful Multi-Functional Form Validation Plugin - jQuery Validation

jQuery Validation is a javascript based plugin that helps you implement a powerful client side validator to your form elements that validate the value ( name, email, address, etc..) your user input when submitting.


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Easy Real-time Form Validation Plugin With jQuery - walidate

walidate is a powerful and user-friendly jQuery plugin that quickly adds form validation functionalities to your form elements, without changing any existing code of your web page.


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Credit Card Validator Plugin with jQuery

An useful jQuery Plugin for detecting and validating credit card numbers.


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Responsive HTML5 Forms Validator - Ideal Forms

Ideal Forms is a jQuery Form Plugin that helps you to create a full responsive HTML5 forms with validation.


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jQuery Form Slider Plugin with Input Validation - jFormslider

jFormslider is a jQuery plugin that converts a large form into a form slider/wizard with input validation, styling with Twitter's Bootstrap 3.


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Simple Input Mask & Validation Plugin With jQuery - maskedinput

maskedinput is a simple yet fully configurable jQuery input mask plugin that allows the user to type characters in fixed position in a certain format.


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Simplest jQuery Form Validator For Bootstrap - Validate Bootstrap

A jQuery plugin that allows to validate form controls with custom error messages and styles using Bootstrap styling, HTML5 attributes and regular expressions.


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Basic Login/Signup Form Validation Plugin With jQuery - Validatr

Validatr is a simple to use jQuery plugin which provides basic form validation functionality for required, email and zip input fields.


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nextVal - jQuery Form Validation Plugin

nextVal is a jQuery Form Validation Plugin written by John Norton for creating an easy to use, flexible and robust form with validation.


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jQuery Plugin For Formatting and Validating Bank Account Forms - Bank

Bank is a simple and easy-to-use jQuery plugin that provides 2 APIs to format and validate bank account form inputs.

https://www.jqueryscript.net/form/jQuery-Plugin-For-Formatting -Validating-Bank-Account-Forms-Bank.html

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Simple and Practical jQuery Form Validation Plugin - Validarium

Validarium is a jQuery plugin that adds practical, simple and extensible validation functionality to your existing form elements.


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