30 Best Image Zoom jQuery Plugins Of 2017

The Image Zoom jQuery Plugins enables your visitors to enlarge images within your document in elegant ways. In this post you will find the 30 best jQuery Image Zoom plugins published at jQuery Script. I hope you like it.

YOU MIGHT NOT NEED JQUERY! View our another collection of Top 10 Image Zoom libraries implemented in PURE JavaScript And/or CSS.

Feature-rich Product Gallery With Image Zoom - xZoom

xZoom is a responsive, touch-friendly jQuery zoom gallery plugin designed for e-commerce websites, with thumbnail navigation and smooth image zoom support.


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Performant Image Magnifying Glass Effect With jQuery - jZoom

jZoom is a simple fast jQuery plugin which provides a customizable magnifying glass effect for image zoom.


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Simple Image Hover Zoom Plugin With jQuery - spzoom

spzoom is a really simple jQuery image hover zoom plugin which displays zoomed image next to the original one with support of caption bar and image loading indicator.


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jQuery Plugin To Enlarge Images On Mouseover - image-tooltip.js

image-tooltip.js is lightweight jQuery image zoom plugin which enlarges your image and display it in a tooltip-like popup on mouse hover.


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jQuery Gallery Lightbox With Image Zoom - zbox

zbox is a cool jQuery plugin which lets you display a responsive fullscreen gallery lightbox with ability to zoom in images on mouse hover.


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Mobile-friendly jQuery Image Magnifier Plugin - imagezoom

Yet another jQuery image zoom plugin which creates a magnifying glass effect to magnify your image on mouse hover.


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Touch-enabled Image Zooming And Panning Plugin With jQuery - imgViewer2

imgViewer2 is a jQuery plugin that provides Google Maps-style zooming and panning functionalities on an image using the jQuery UI and Leaflet libraries.


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Basic jQuery Slideshow With Image Zooming Effect - slide.js

slide.js is a beautiful, lightweight jQuery slideshow plugin that comes with an image zooming effect using CSS3 transforms and transitions.


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Minimalist jQuery Plugin For The Magnifying of The Images - MagnigierRentgen

MagnigierRentgen is a dead simple jQuery plugin which allows an image to be zoomed with a magnifying glass effect.


[Demo] [Download]

Fullscreen Image Pan And Zoom Plugin With jQuery - pan.js

pan.js is a jQuery plugin used for panning and zoom in/out a large image in a fullscreen interface with cursor move and mouse wheel interactions.


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Tiny Fast jQuery Image Hover Zoom Plugin - Light Zoom

Light Zoom is a super simple and fast jQuery plugin that makes use of pure CSS to provide a magnifying glass-style hover zoom effect on your images.


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Product Zoom On Hover Plugin For jQuery - imgZoom.js

imgZoom.js is a jQuery product image zoom plugin which allows to display the part of zoomed (enlarged) image next to the shrinked image on mouse hover and move.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable Magnifying Glass Image Zoom Plugin - blowup.js

Just another jQuery magnifying glass zoom plugin which allows you to zoom in on a specified image with a customizable magnifying lens.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal jQuery Image Inner Zoom & Pan Plugin - zizoom

zizoom is an extremely lightweight jQuery plugin used for enabling a basic magnifying glass effect on an images.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Image Magnifying Effect With jQuery - zmagnifier.js

zmagnifier.js is a super tiny and easy-to-use jQuery plugin which creates a realistic magnifying glass effect for quick image zooming on mouse hover.


[Demo] [Download]

Simplest jQuery Product Image Zoom Plugin - Zoomper

Zoomper is an extremely lightweight jQuery image zoom plugin used to enable pan and zoom capabilities on any image.


[Demo] [Download]

Smooth Image Zoom & Pan Plugin With jQuery - ZooMove

ZooMove is a super tiny jQuery/HTML5 image zoom plugin which smoothly enlarges and pan a specified image when mouse hovering and moving.


[Demo] [Download]

Hover-triggered Image Zoom And Pan Plugin With jQuery - Zoom Image

Simple Zoom is a very simple jQuery plugin which allows you to pan and zoom an image within a specific container by using mouse hover and move.


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Responsive Touchable jQuery Image Pan & Zoom Plugin - BeepPanZoom

BeepPanZoom is a lightweight, responsive, mobile-friendly image viewer plugin for jQuery that allows the user to view, zoom, pan a specified image in a given container.


[Demo] [Download]

Lightweight Image Inner Zooming And Panning Plugin With jQuery - peakzoom

peakzoom is a lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery which allows you to zoom in, rotate and pan an image on mouse click / drag or touch tap / swipe.


[Demo] [Download]

Image Magnify Glass Effect With jQuery And jQuery UI - jfMagnify

jfMagnify is a very small jQuery plugin for creating a magnify glass effect to enlarge your images through drag and drop based on jQuery UI.


[Demo] [Download]

Image Zoom On Mouser Hover And Move - jQuery ZoomIt

ZoomIt is a really small JQuery plugin that provides an inner zoom functionality on your image when mouse hover and move.


[Demo] [Download]

Lightweight jQuery Magnifying Glass Zoom Plugin - Retina Zoomer

Retina Zoomer is a tiny jQuery image zoom plugin which applies a magnifying glass effect to your image when mouse hovers over.


[Demo] [Download]

Smooth jQuery Image Zoom & Lightbox Plugin - zooomin

zooomin is a jQuery plugin used to zoom in images and display them in a fullscreen, mobile-friendly lightbox, inspired by medium.com.


[Demo] [Download]

Tiny SVG Panning And Zooming Plugin With jQuery - Zoom SVG

Zoom SVG is a lightweight, cross-browser jQuery plugin that applies panning and zooming functionalities on any SVG objects using jQuery UI.


[Demo] [Download]

Google Photos Inspired Image Zoom & Pan Plugin - ImageViewer

A feature-rich, touch-enabled jQuery image viewer plugin which provides zooming and panning functionality for your images, inspired by Google Photo.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimalist Image Zoom Plugin For jQuery - ViewImage.js

ViewImage.js is a super tiny and fully responsive jQuery image zoom plugin which provide a zooming functionality on any images & image links within the document.


[Demo] [Download]

View Zoomed Images On Mouse Hover - jQuery Bighover

Bighover is a simple-to-use jQuery image zoom/viewer plugin which displays the magnified images as you hover over the thumbnails.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Image Zoom & Pan On Mouseover - jQuery magnify_glass

A very small jQuery inner zoom plugin which allows the user to zoom and pan a shrinked image on mouse hover and move just like the magnifying glass effect.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Image Zoom And Annotation Plugin For jQuery - ZoomMarker

ZoomMarker is a simple jQuery plugin which enables you to zoom in/out images with mouse wheel and to place custom markers on the images as per your needs.


[Demo] [Download]

Lightweight SVG Zooming And Panning Plugin - SvgZoom.js

SvgZoom.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to pan and zoom in/out a SVG image element using mouse wheel events and JavaScript hooks.


[Demo] [Download]

Versatile Image Zoom/Viewer/Gallery Plugin With jQuery - ezPlus

ezPlus is an extended version of the elevatezoom plugin that provides customizable, touch-enabled zooming, gallery, popup functionalities on your images.


[Demo] [Download]

Mobile-friendly Image Viewer Plugin - jQuery img-preview.js

img-preview.js is a lightweight (~2kb minified) and simple-to-use jQuery plugin which provides the 'Click or Tap To Zoom' functionality on your images.


[Demo] [Download]

Flexible jQuery Gallery With Image Zoom Integration - Zoom SlideShow

The Zoom SlideShow jQuery plugin lets you create an image gallery with a carousel thumbnail navigation that has the ability to zoom images on mouse hover just like the magnifying glass effect.


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