30 Best Loading Spinner & Indicator jQuery Plugins Of 2018

This is a fresh, hand-picker list of 30 best jQuery loading spinner and loading indicator plugins to indicate the current loading status while loading asynchronous content into the web app. I hope you like it.

jQuery Ajax Loading Overlay with Loading Text and Spinner Plugin

Loading Overlay is a simple and lightweight jQuery plugin that adds a loading overlay with loading text and loading spinner to a target element.


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Buttons with Built-in Loading Indicators For Bootstrap 3 - Ladda Bootstrap

Ladda Bootstrap is a javascript loading library inspired by Ladda.js that helps you create Built-in Loading Indicators (spinner, loading bar, etc...) with New twitter's bootstrap 3.


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Form Submit Buttons with Built-in Loading Indicators - Ladda

Ladda is a javascript loading library for creating buttons with built-in loading indicators (spinner and loading bar).


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Simple jQuery Loading Spinner/Overlay Plugin - Loader

Loader is a simple jQuery which allows you to display a loading spinner/overlay on any specified elements like button, form, body, etc.


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jQuery Plugin For Creating Loading Overlay with CSS3 Animations - waitMe

waitMe is a very lightweight (~1.55 kb minified) jQuery plugin for creating an Ajax loading overlay with loading text and animated loading spinner using CSS3 aniamtions.


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jQuery Plugin To Create Fullscreen Preloading Effects - fakeLoader.js

fakeLoader.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you create an animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask to simulate the page preloading effect.


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spin.js - Animated CSS3 Loading Spinner

spin.js is a high configurable Loading Spinner built with CSS3 and jQuery. It works in all major browsers with No images, no external CSS and no dependencies (jQuery is supported, but not required).


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Minimal jQuery Loading Overlay & Spinner Plugin - Easy Overlay

Easy Overlay is a ultra-simple jQuery plugin allows you to create a loading overlay with a loading spinner on any element.


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Creating A Loading Indicator with jQuery and CSS3

A simple lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a loading spinner to indicate the loading progress using an animated GIF or a CSS3 loader.


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Customizable Liquid Bubble Chart With jQuery and Canvas

A super tiny yet customizable jQuery plugin used to present your numeric data in a Canvas liquid bubble chart with a water fill animation.


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jQuery Plugin For Animated Fullscreen Page Loader - Intro Loader

Intro Loader is a jQuery plugin that makes use of spin.js to create an animated, fullscreen loader on page load.


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jQuery Plugin For Built-In Loading Indicator In Buttons - Button Loader

Button Loader is a jQuery plugin for html buttons that trigger a deferred call and display a loading indicator in the button itself.


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Simple Flexible Loading Overlay Plugin With jQuery - loadingoverlay.js

loadingoverlay.js is a simple, flexible jQuery plugin which shows a highly cutomizable loading overlay with custom spinners while loading some data within a specific container.


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Animated Circle / Arc Generator with jQuery and SVG - SVG Arc Creator

SVG Arc Creator is a jQuery plugin for rendering animated, SVG based circles / arcs which can be used as loading spinner or progress indicator.


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Easy Page & Element Loader Plugin with jQuery - loader.js

loader.js is an easy, small JQuery plugin to create a loading indicator that works with web pages and specific Html elements.


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Material Design Style Loading Spinner with jQuery and CSS3

A jQuery plugin used to create a Google Material Design inspired loading spinner using SVG and CSS3 transforms.


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Fullscreen Loading Indicators with jQuery and CSS3 - HoldOn.js

HoldOn.js is a jQuery plugin for display a fullscreen loading indicator to prevent user interactions while your webpage / application is currently busy.


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Lightweight jQuery AJAX Loading Spinner Plugin - ajax-loading.js

ajax-loading.js is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin that automatically listens for AJAX events and displays a GIF based loading spinner.


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Custom Loading Indicator Plugin with jQuery and Font Awesome - faloading

faloading is a jQuery plugin used for generating a custom loading overlay / indicator over a specific element while waiting for some data to be loaded.


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Fullscreen Loading Modal / Indicator Plugin For jQuery - loadingModal

loadingModal is a simple yet customizable jQuery loading indicator plugin which displays a fullscreen loading modal / overlay with more than 10 CSS3 powered loading spinners.


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jQuery Animated Loading Indication Plugin - Waiting

jQuery Waiting is a jQuery plugin that allows to add and remove a loading indication (e.g. an AJAX spinner gif) with some useful options like positioning and adding it as an overlay inside the element or over the entire page.


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jQuery Plugin To Handle CSS3 Powered Spinners & Loaders - Loading.js

Just another jQuery plugin used to display a fullscreen loading overlay with CSS3 animated spinners & loaders while loading/processing data in the webpage.


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Modern Circle Loading Indicator Plugin For jQuery - jquery-loading.js

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin that displays a stylish, configurable and CS33 animated spinner / indicator while loading some data for user feedback.


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Small Loading Modal Overlay Plugin With jQuery - loadingBlock

The jQuery loadingBlock plugin allows you to create a modal-like ajax loading overlay with custom loading indicator and text.


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Minimal AJAX Loading Spinner Plugin with jQuery - pleaseWait

pleaseWait is a simple yet customizable jQuery plugin which allows you to use any image (Base64 or GIF) as a loading spinner while waiting for AJAX content to be loaded.


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jQuery Plugin For Bootstrap Loading Modal With Progress Bar - waitingFor

waitingFor is a lightweight jQuery plugin used to display a loading indicator popup using Bootstrap modal and progress bar components.


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Create An Android Holo Themed Loading Spinner with jQuery and Html5

A lightweight jQuery plugin that uses Javascript and Html5 canvas to create a circular, animated, Android Holo themed loading spinner for your dynamic content loaded with AJAX.


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Tiny jQuery Plugin For Animated Loading Spinners - Spin

jQuery Spin is a lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery plugin that make it easy to creating animated loading spinners using CSS and javascript.


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Customizable jQuery Loading Overlay & Spinner Plugin - Waiting

Waiting.js is a jQuery loading indication plugin used to generate a highly configurable loading spinner & overlay on the whole page or over a specific DOM element.


[Demo] [Download]

Draw and Animate (Pre)Loaders with jQuery and Canvas - CanvasLoader

CanvasLoader is a jQuery plugin which uses Html5 canvas element to create an animated (pre)loader with an overlay appending to an Html element.


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