30 Best Tying Animation jQuery Plugins Of 2017

Use these 30 Best Text Typing jQuery Plugins to simulate typewriter-like text typing and deleting effects for your headlines, titles, and any import text messages. I hope you like it.

Simple Text Typing Effect with jQuery

An extremely simple text effect built with jQuery that displays a sequences of characters letter by letter similar to a typewriter.


[Demo] [Download]

Animated Typewriter Effect with jQuery - typer.js

typer.js is a funny jQuery plugin that imitates typewriter typing with animation effect on the screen.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal jQuery Animated Text Typing Effect - Best Typewriter

Best Typewriter is a lightweight jQuery plugin that mimics the typewriter effect to create animated typing effects on your static text.


[Demo] [Download]

Terminal-like Text Typing Effect with jQuery - Teletype

Teletype is a very small jQuery plugin which allows you to output text with cool typing effects as you've seen in a terminal console.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Simulate Human Typing - typetype

typetype is a fancy jQuery text animation plugin which allows you to simulate human typing in an Html container like textarea, input, etc.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Text Typing Animation with jQuery - Typed Text

Just another jQuery text animation plugin that presents your text letter by letter at a specific speed to simulate the typewriter typing effect.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Customizable Terminal Text Effect - TypeIt

Just another jQuery typewriter-style text animation plugin that simulates someone typing and deleting over an array of words.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin for Typing In Input with Amazing CSS3 Effects - Fancy Input

Fancy Input is an amazing jQuery form plugin that adds fancy CSS3 effects to your input fields when users typing in.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Create Terminal-style Typing Effects - TypeWriting.js

TypeWriting.js is a jQuery plugin that creates a Terminal-like text typing effect to simulate someone typing and rewriting text on your webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin for Vintage Text Typing - jqVintageTxt

jqVintageTxt is a funny jQuery plugin that display a vintage monitor on your website to type something with Green Scanlines and Self-typing text effect.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Selecting Numbers By Typing Or Clicking - spinner

spinner is a simple and fast jQuery plugin for creating a number selector widget that allows you to select numbers by clicking the up/down button or entering a custom number.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Terminal Text Typing Effect - typed.js

Yet another jQuery plugin for emulating the terminal typing effect that enables you to print html or plain text as if it's being typed on the screen.


[Demo] [Download]

Creating A Text Typewriter Effect with jQuery TypeOut Plugin

TypeOut is an easy jQuery plugin imitates typewriter typing effect for creating animated text that appear like it is being typed like with a typewriter.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Basic Text Typewriter Effect - Typewriter

A simple plain jQuery plugin that simulates the typewriter typing effect to print your text letter-by-letter at a certain speed.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Configurable Text Typing Animation - jtap.js

jtap.js is a jQuery text animation plugin which mimics the typewriter typing animation featuring lots of customization options and callback functions.


[Demo] [Download]

Simulating Typing, Deleting And Selecting Text With jQuery - typewrite

typewrite is a tiny jQuery typing animation plugin which allows to simulate someone typing, deleting and selecting given words defined in the JavaScript.


[Demo] [Download]

Terminal-style Text Typing Plugin For jQuery - Typewriter

Typewriter is a lightweight jQuery typewriting plugin which allows you to apply human typing/deleting effects on an array of text, with prefix and blinking cursor support.


[Demo] [Download]

Virtual Keyboard Emulator

A very simple and compact Keyboard Emulator. You can type any words or Characters with this online onscreen virtual keyboard emulator.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy jQuery Text Rotator With Fancy Typing Animations - Bubble Text

Bubble Text is an easy-to-use jQuery text rotator plugin which allows to rotate through an array of strings with a fancy text typing & deleting animation.


[Demo] [Download]

Creating Simple Text Typing Effect with jQuery TypeText Plugin

TypeText is a really simple jQuery text plugin used to output text with animated typewrite typing effect.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery On-Screen Virtual Keyboard Plugin - OAK

OAK is a lightweight and fast jQuery plugin that displays an on-screen virtual keyboard attached to the text area elements.


[Demo] [Download]

Create A Random Text Shuffle Effect With jQuery - Randomize Text

Randomize Text is a really simple jQuery plugin which helps you create a text typing animation with a random character shuffle effect.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Text Typing & Deleting Effects - AddTyping

AddTyping is a simple yet customizable jQuery plugin for creating text typing & deleting effects to simulate a typewriter effect on the webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Simple Text Typing/Deleting Animations - ghost-typer.js

ghost-typer.js is a simple jQuery text animation / text rotator plugin that rotates through an array of strings with text typing/deleting effects.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Simulate Terminal Text Effects - t.js

t.js is a lightweight, programmable jQuery plugin to print any text with configurable typing and erasing effects just like you type something in a terminal.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Replace Characters While Typing - Char Replacer

Char Replacer is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to replace one specific character with another while you type something into a text field.


[Demo] [Download]

Dynamic Text Rotator With Typing Effect - jQuery typer.js

typer.js is a very small jQuery text rotator plugin which allows you to rotate through an array of text strings with typewriter style typing and deleting animations.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable Text Typing Effect With jQuery - coolType

Just another jQuery plugin for simulating the typewriter typing effect that allows to print out your text character by character with lots of configuration settings.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Run A Function When User Stops Typing - TypeWatch

TypeWatch is a lightweight yet useful jQuery plugin that triggers a callback function when your user stops / finishes typing in a text field.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Fast Text Typing Animation In JavaScript/jQuery - Typing.js

Typing.js is a simple, lightweight jQuery/JavaScript typing animation plugin that allows to type an array of text strings in a selected element with custom caret character.


[Demo] [Download]

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