45 Best Custom Scroll Bar jQuery Plugins Of 2017

TheseĀ 45 Best Custom Scroll Bar jQuery Plugins enable you to beautify and enhance the native & ugly browser scrollbars. Some of these plugins also supports scrollable container and horizontal scrollbars. I hope you like it.

Tiny jQuery Plugin For Beautifying Scrollbar - perfect-scrollbar

perfect-scrollbar is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to beautify the default scollbars without changing or adding any style on original elements.


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Facebook-like jQuery Scrollbar Plugin - slimScroll

slimScroll is a simple and lightweight jQuery plugin for transforming any div into a scrollable area with a nice Facebook-Like scrollbar.


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jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugin - malihu

malihu is a jQuery plugin that allows you to beautify your content scrollbar with CSS and jQuery UI.


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Highly Customizable and Cross Browser Scrollbar Plugin With jQuery

A jQuery based scrollbar Plugin to create fully CSS customizable and Cross Browser scrollbar which supports all native scroll events.


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Responsive Browser Scrollbar Replacement Plugin - ClassyScroll

ClassyScroll is a native Browser Scrollbar Replacement plugin built with jQuery that comes with vertical and horizontal scroll modes.


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jQuery Inner Scrollbar Plugin with Smooth Scrolling Effect - Tween Scroller

Tween Scroller is a jQuery plugin used to create a vertical scrollbar on an inner DIV with smooth scrolling effect.


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Custom Browser Scrollbar Replacement Plugin For jQuery - scrollator

Scrollator is a jQuery plugin used to replace the default browser scrollbar with an CSS3 animated & highly customizable one.


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jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugin with jQuery UI - acescroll

acescroll is a jQuery UI widget that allows to create custom horizontal or vertical scrollbars as an alternative to the default browser scrollbars in jQuery.


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Mobile-friendly Custom Scrollbar Plugin With jQuery - NiceScroll

NiceScroll is an easy yet robust jQuery plugin that allows to append pretty nice, touch-enabled and highly customizable scrollbar to any scrollable area such as browser window,


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Lightweight Custom Scrollbar Plugin With jQuery and CSS3 - scrollbar

Just another jQuery scrollbar plugin for creating a scrollable content area with an animated, touch-enabled and highly customizable scrollbar.


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Slim Custom Scrollbar Plugin For jQuery - asScrollbar

asScrollbar is a jQuery plugin that transform any DIV elements into a scrollable area with a slim responsive scrollbar.


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Stylish jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugin - GScroll

GScroll is a simple jQuery plugin that makes an DOM element scrollable and appends a custom scrollbar within it when mouse hover.


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nanoScrollerJS - Mac OS X Lion-Styled Scrollbars

nanoScroller is a jQuery Plugin that allows you to create Mac OS X Lion-Styled Scrollbars for your website. It utilizes native scrolling and works with the iPad, iPhone, and some Android Tablets.


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jQuery Plugin For Custom Scrollbar - scrollbox

scrollbox is a lightweight jQuery plugin that applies a custom Scrollbar to your content, which triggers event when reached the defined point.


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Create A Fancy Custom Scrollbar with jQuery and CSS3 - Phancy Scroll

Just another jQuery plugin to create a fancy scrollbar that will only appear once you hover over the scrollable area.


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jQuery Plugin To Create Scollable Block Elements - asScrollable

asScrollable is a jQuery plugin that adds both horizontal and vertical scrolling with custom scrollbars to any block elements.


[Demo] [Download]

Slick Custom Scrollbar Plugin with jQuery

Slick Custom Scrollbar lets you replace the default browser scrollbar on long content with a custom one instead, styled using pure CSS.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Custom Scrollbar Plugin For jQuery - mintScrollbar

A custom scrollbars jQuery plugin that feature vertical/horizontal scrollbars, scroll to, scroll by, mouse wheel, keyboard and touch support etc.


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Smooth Vertical Scroller Plugin with jQuery - VScroller

VScroller is a jQuery plugin that makes your long content scrollable with a custom vertical scrollbar.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal jQuery/CSS3 Based Scrollbar Replacemenet - fakescroll

fakescroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes your long content scrollable and displays a CSS/CSS3 styled scrollbar on mouse hover.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable and Touch-Enabled jQuery Scrollbar Plugin - Custom Scrollbar

Custom Scrollbar is a jQuery plugin for creating vertical or horizontal scrollbars for your containers. It is fully customizable through CSS and supports scrolling by mouse dragging, mouse wheel and keyboard.


[Demo] [Download]

Mac OS X Lion Style Scrollbar Plugin For jQuery - Lionbars

Meteor Lionbars is a jQuery plugin that add a Mac OS X Lion style scrollbar to your html container containing overflowed long content.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Slim jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugin - ekScroll

ekScroll is an easy jQuery scroll plugin for creating a slim custom scrollbar for your long content area, featuring auto fade out the overflowed content at the bottom when you scroll down or up.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin For Side Tabs Scrolling - Scrolltab

Scrolltab is a fancy jQuery plugin which enables you attach floating tabs to the scrollbar of the browser that will scroll the page to the position indicated by the tab.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable jQuery Browser Scrollbar Plugin - Scroller

Scroller is a simple and customizable jQuery plugin for creating custom vertical or horizontal browser scrollbars that retain a native feel.


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Cross-platform OSX-like Scrollbar jQuery Plugin - Scrollert.js

Scrollert.js is a jQuery custom scrollbar plugin which adds OS X-like horizontal/vertical scrollbars to a specified scrollable container.


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Lightweight jQuery Modal Plugin with Scrollbar Support - faModal

jQuery Plugin to create a responsive modal window that takes over the browser's scrollbar in case the modal content is longer than the browser's window height.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Transform Scrollbar Into Awesome Scroll Menu

ScrollMenu is a lightweight, touch-enabled jQuery plugin for creating an awesome scroll menu to replace your old boring scrollbar.


[Demo] [Download]

Sublime Text-Style Page Scrollbar With Minimap - Infoscroller

Infoscroller is a jQuery plugin that automatically generates a canvas based minimap for webpage, similar to the Sublime Text's minimap functionality.


[Demo] [Download]

Cross-browser Custom Scrollbar Plugin For jQuery - scrollBar.js

scrollBar.js is a jQuery plugin for adding custom scrollbars to your scrollable container in the non-Webkit browsers.


[Demo] [Download]

iOS Style Custom Browser Scrollbar with jQuery and CSS

Just another jQuery & jQuery UI plugin that replaces the default browser scrollbar with your own styles.


[Demo] [Download]

Slim Cross-platform Custom Scrollbar Plugin - Nice-Scrollbar

Nice-Scrollbar is a simple-to-use jQuery plugin that appends a cross-browser, highly customizable scrollbar to a given scrollable container.


[Demo] [Download]

Configurable Custom Scrollbar Plugin For jQuery - jsScroll

jsScroll is a configurable jQuery custom scrollbar plugin which transforms any DIV element into a scrollable area with pretty horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars.


[Demo] [Download]

CSS-stylable Custom Scrollbar Plugin With jQuery - csb.js

csb.js is a simple jQuery plugin used to create CSS styleable custom scrollbars that will auto reveal when you start scrolling/swiping within the scrollable area.


[Demo] [Download]

Cross-Browser Fancy jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugin - Skroller

Yet another jQuery plugin which allows you to create a cross-browser and fully customizable scrollbar in Html element.


[Demo] [Download]

Mobile Friendly Content Scroller with jQuery - Sonatra Hammer Scroll

A jQuery plugin for making any container element scrollable with a custom scrollbar that supports mouse drag, touch gestures and inertial scrolling.


[Demo] [Download]

WCAG Compliant Custom Scrollbar Plugin For jQuery - Scrollbox

scrollbox is an accessible and touch-enabled jQuery scrollbar plugin that creates a custom scrollbar on a scrollable element that is consistent across browsers, and is WCAG 2.0 compliant.


[Demo] [Download]

Double Scrollbar For Scrollable Container - jQuery DoubleScroll

DoubleScroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin that creates an additional scrollbar on the top of the scrollable container when the bottom scrollbar is present.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Custom Scrollbar Plugin with jQuery and jQuery UI - CustemScrollBar

Just another jQuery & jQuery UI component to create a customizable scrollbar within the long content DOM element that will show up on mouse hover.


[Demo] [Download]

Custom Scrollable Area Plugin For jQuery - ZScroll

ZScroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin which append a highly customizable scrollbar to your scrollable container element.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Styleable jQuery Custom Scrollbar Plugin - Simplescroll

Simplescroll is a tiny jQuery plugin used for generating an easy-to-style custom scroll bar which can be positioned anywhere within your scrollable container.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple jQuery Plugin For Top Scroll Bar

Top Scrollbar is a lite jQuery plugin to add an extra scroll bar on the top of the div element.


[Demo] [Download]

Native Browser Scrollbar Replacement Plugin - scrollbar

Just another custom scrollbar plugin for jQuery plugin that beautifies the native browser scrollbars with your own styles customized in the CSS.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Check If Element Has Scrollbars - Is Scrollable

Is Scrollable is a super tiny jQuery plugin to determine if an element is scrollable and has vertical and/or horizontal scrollbars.


[Demo] [Download]

Floating Scrollbar For Long Content - jQuery floating-scroll

floating-scroll is a jQuery plugin which appends a floating horizontal scrollbar to the bottom of the webpage so the long content will always be scrollable as you scroll down.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable Touch-enabled Scrollbar Plugin - cuteScroll

The jQuery cuteScroll plugin helps you append a responsive, touch-enabled and highly customizable scrollbar to any scrollable element or the whole document.


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