50 Best Date And Time Picker jQuery Plugins Of 2017

The date and time picker plugin makes it easier to select dates, times and date ranges for your booking, schedule, event calendar web apps. In this post you will find the 50 best jQuery Date and Time Picker plugins published at jQuery Script. I hope you like it.

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Responsive Event Calendar & Date Picker jQuery Plugin - Monthly

Monthly is a jQuery plugin that provides responsive and easy-to-customize event calendar and date picker for your web application.


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Pretty Event Calendar & Datepicker Plugin For jQuery - Calendar.js

Calendar.js is highly customizable jQuery plugin that helps you create inline event calendars and date pickers for your website or web application.


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Beautiful Multifunctional Calendar Plugin For jQuery - PIGNOSE Calender

PIGNOSE Calender is a jQuery plugin used for creating a beautiful, responsive, mobile-friendly calendar on the webpage.


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Date Range Picker With jQuery And jQuery UI - DateRangePicker

A jQuery plugin for converting a jQuery UI date picker widget into a date range picker which enables the visitor to select a date range in one control.


[Demo] [Download]

Beautiful Animated jQuery Date Picker Plugin - datedropper

datedropper is a pretty simple jQuery plugin which appends a beautiful, customizable and animated date picker to your input fields.


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Combo Box Date & Time Picker Plugin With jQuery - Combodate

Combodate is a jQuery and Moment.js based date & time picker plugin which lets you select date and time using combo dropdown boxes.


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Multipurpose jQuery Date/Time/Range Picker Plugin - tinyDatePicker

tinyDatePicker is a simple, flexible and highly customizable jQuery plugin for creating date / time / month / range pickers and inline event calendars with minimal effort.


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Fancy Clock-style Time Picker Plugin For jQuery - Timedropper

Timedropper is a fancy jQuery & jQuery UI time picker plugin which allows the user to select a time from a clock interface with a 360° drop-style slider handle.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable Datetime And Date Range Picker Plugin - Gemini DatePicker

A cross-browser, highly customizable jQuery date picker plugin that enables the user to select times, dates, months, years and date ranges from a well-designed calendar popup.


[Demo] [Download]

Beautiful ES5/ES6 Date & Daterange Picker For jQuery

Yet another jQuery date picker plugin which creates single or multi-viewed calendars for easier date or date range selection.


[Demo] [Download]

jQuery Plugin To Auto Format Time Format - timepicker.js

timepicker.js is a minimalist jQuery plugin converting an input field into a time picker that automatically formats and corrects timestamps in 24 hour format.


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Cross-browser Date & Time Selector For jQuery - dateTimePicker

A lightweight jQuery plugin that lets you create cross-browser and fully configurable date & time picker for input fields.


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Feature-rich Date Picker Plugin with jQuery - wsCalendar

wsCalendar is a simple yet robust jQuery calendar date picker plugin for single or multiple date selection.


[Demo] [Download]

Fully Configurable jQuery Date Picker Plugin For Bootstrap

A jQuery/Bootstrap plugin that lets you create multi-language, highly customizable date picker, date range picker, inline calendar for your Bootstrap powered web project.


[Demo] [Download]

Pretty Bootstrap-style Datetime Picker Plugin - Perfect-DateTimePicker

A simple, pretty nice, Bootstrap-style, jQuery based datetime picker plugin with support for custom date/time format, year/month/time view, date range selection and much more.


[Demo] [Download]

Persian (Jalali) Calendar & Data Picker Plugin With jQuery - kamaDatepicker

kamaDatepicker is a customizable jQuery Jalali (Shamsi) calendar plugin for jQuery that makes it easier to select Persian(Jalali) dates with lots of useful options.


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User-friendly Duration Picker Plugin With jQuery - timesetter

timesetter is a jQuery duration & time picker plugin which allows the user to pick duration in hours and minutes with increment / decreament buttons and keyboard interactions.


[Demo] [Download]

Nice Scrollable Date Selector Plugin With jQuery - DateSelect

A nice, scrollable jQuery date picker where you can quickly and easily select days, months and years using mouse wheel or increment / decrement buttons.


[Demo] [Download]

Responsive User-friendly Datetime Picker For jQuery - DateTimePicker

DateTimePicker is a responsive, mobile-friendly jQuery datatime picker plugin which allows to select dates, times and datetimes from a picker popup.


[Demo] [Download]

Tiny Time Selection Popover Plugin With jQuery - Timepicker.js

A simple, clean, mobile-friendly jQuer time picker plugin which allows the users to select hours and minutes in a popover using mouse and finger.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Customizable Date And Time Picker Plugin For jQuery - jSunPicker

jSunPicker is a branding new jQuery plugin used for creating a highly configurable date and time picker on the webpage.


[Demo] [Download]

Google Calendar Like jQuery Time Picker Plugin - Timepicker.js

Yet another jQuery time picker plugin which creates a simple highly customizable, Google Calendar inspired timer picker for easier time selection.


[Demo] [Download]

Small Time Picker Plugin For jQuery - timePicker

A dead simple jQuery time picker plugin that creates input fields of hour/minute/second for selecting time with ease.


[Demo] [Download]

Accessible Data Picker Plugin For Bootstrap - ab-datepicker

ab-datepicker is an accessible, highly-customizable, multi-language jQuery date picker plugin for Bootstrap that complies with the recommendations of the W3C WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices.


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User-friendly HTML5 Date Picker Plugin For jQuery - WBN Datepicker

A jQuery datepicker plugin that splits the normal date input into several fields (Year/Month/Week/Date) for easier date and date range selection.


[Demo] [Download]

Simple Time Input Spinner Plugin With jQuery - TimingField

TimingField is a jQuery plugin that converts any text field into an input spinner with increment/decrement buttons for quickly pick a time in hours, minutes and seconds.


[Demo] [Download]

User-friendly 24-Hour Time Picker Plugin For jQuery - hunterTimePicker

hunterTimePicker is a jQuery time picker plugin that enables the user to quickly select hours and minutes from an user-friendly time selection popup.


[Demo] [Download]

Responsive Hour & Minute Picker Plugin For jQuery - hr-timePicker

hr-timePicker is a lightweight, responsive, user-friendly jQuery time picker plugin that enables the visitor to select hours and minutes from a time picker dropdown.


[Demo] [Download]

Beautiful Customizable Datepicker Plugin For jQuery - hw.datepicker

Yet another jQuery date picker plugin that features custom date format, first day of the week, date range, max/min dates, multiple languages, keyboard navigation and many more.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Clock Time Picker Plugin For Bootstrap - Clockface

Clockface is an easy-to-use but highly customizable Bootstrap time picker plugin which makes it easier to select a 24-hour time from a minimal clock interface.


[Demo] [Download]

Human-readable Duration Picker Widget For jQuery UI - timeDurationPicker

timeDurationPicker is a human-friendly jQuery UI time & duration picker which allows the user to pick duration in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Sliding Timer Picker Plugin For jQuery - mtimepicker

mtimepicker is a jQuery plugin for converting a normal text field into a time picker for easier time selection.


[Demo] [Download]

Mobile-friendly Sliding Date Picker Plugin - futureDatepicker

futureDatepicker is a responsive, mobile-friendly jQuery based date picker that slides out from the bottom of the screen when a specific date input is clicked/tapped.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Customizable Birth Day Picker Plugin For Bootstrap

A jQuery & Bootstrap plugin that converts a normal text field into a birthday picker consist of three input fields (day/month/year) to simplify the selection of date of birth.


[Demo] [Download]

Material Inspired Clock Time Picker Plugin - jQuery MDTimePicker

MDTimePicker is a Material Design inspired jQuery time picker plugin that makes it easy to select a time from a circular clock interface.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Date & Time Dropdown Selector Plugin - dateTimeSelector

Just another jQuery date & time picker plugin which converts the normal input fields into several separated date and time dropdown select elements.


[Demo] [Download]

Convenient Date Range Picker Plugin For jQuery - dateRangePicker

A flexible, customizable, convenient date range picker plugin for jQuery that allows to quickly select a date range from Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year and Calendar views.


[Demo] [Download]

Keyboard Driven Date & Time Input Plugin With jQuery - datetime.js

datetime.js is a jQuery date selector plugin used to create user-friendly, keyboard-driven, multi-language date & time inputs.


[Demo] [Download]

Android-style Analog Clock Time Picker Plugin With jQuery

A fancy jQuery timepicker plugin which lets you create an interactive, Android inspired, Analog Clock-style time picker for your input field.


[Demo] [Download]

User-friendly Date & Time Picker Plugin With jQuery - dateSelector

dateSelector is a jQuery based, mobile-friendly date & time picker plugin which replaces the default date input with several select boxes for easier date and time selection.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Clean Date & Time Picker Plugin For jQuery - DatetimePicker.js

An easy-to-use Datetime picker plugin for jQuery that allows the user to select dates, times and date ranges in a nice clean calendar interface.


[Demo] [Download]

Feature-rich Datatime Picker Plugin With jQuery - JTSage-DateBox

A full featured, mobile-friendly and highly customizable jQuery date/time/duration picker plugin that works perfectly with jQuery mobile, jQuery UI and Bootstrap 3/4 frameworks.


[Demo] [Download]

Circular SVG Timer Range Picker Plugin With jQuery

A pretty cool jQuery timer picker plugin which enables the user to select a time range from a circular SVG based clock interface.


[Demo] [Download]

Customizable Time Period Picker For jQuery - TimeBar

The TimeBar plugin allows to create a bar-style time Time Period picker where the users are able to select start and end times in a tooltip popup.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Clean Time Picker Plugin - jQuery chungTimePicker

chungTimePicker is a jQuery time picker plugin that provides an easy and intuitive way to select hours and minutes from an inline time selection interface.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Clock Style Time Input Plugin With jQuery - clockInput

clockInput is a lightweight jQuery plugin which converts the normal input field into a fancy clock-style time picker for easier time selection.


[Demo] [Download]

Easy Jalali Date Picker Plugin With jQuery

A simple, convenient jQuery date picker plugin that works with Persian(Jalali) calendar, without any 3rd JavaScript libraries.


[Demo] [Download]

Select Date And Time In Next 7 Days - jQuery Calendar7 Plugin

Calendar7 is a small jQuery datatime picker plugin used to select date & time from a calendar which shows only last 7 days from today's date.


[Demo] [Download]

Mobile-friendly Datetime Picker With jQuery And CSS3

A fancy,mobile-friendly Datetime picker built with jQuery and CSS/CSS3. The date and time picker allows the users to select entry values by dragging and swiping the knob/dial control.


[Demo] [Download]

Minimal Clean Data Range Picker Plugin With jQuery

A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you create a nice clean, fully configurable data range picker for hotel booking web app.


[Demo] [Download]

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