Animated Emoji Picker Plugin With jQuery - mb.emoticons

Animated Emoji Picker Plugin With jQuery - mb.emoticons

The mb.emoticons jQuery plugin appends an emoji picker to the textarea element that allows to convert Emoji keywords to animated GIFs.

1. Download and insert the JavaScript file jquery.mb.emoticons.js after jQuery library.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="inc/jquery.mb.emoticons.js"></script>

2. Initialize the emoji picker on the target textarea and done.

<textarea id="ta" class="ta"></textarea>

3. To render the emoji strings as animated GIFs.

<div id="render" style="display:none"></div>

4. Options and defaults.

  smiles: {
    "(angel)":      "angel",
    " :@":          "angry",
    "(bandit)":     "bandit",
    "(bear)":       "bear",
    "(beer)":       "beer",
    " :D":          "bigsmile",
    "(bow)":        "bow",
    "(u)":          "brokenheart",
    "(bug)":        "bug",
    "(^)":          "cake",
    "(call)":       "call",
    "(cash)":       "cash",
    "(clap)":       "clapping",
    "(coffee)":     "coffee",
    " 8-)":         "cool",
    " ;(":          "crying",
    "(dance)":      "dance",
    "(devil)":      "devil",
    "(doh)":        "doh",
    "(drink)":      "drink",
    "(drunk)":      "drunk",
    "(dull)":       "dull",
    "(blush)":      "eblush",
    "(emo)":        "emo",
    "(envy)":       "envy",
    " ]:)":         "evilgrin",
    "(F)":          "flower",
    "(fubar)":      "fubar",
    "(giggle)":     "giggle",
    "(handshake)":  "handshake",
    "(happy)":      "happy",
    "(headbang)":   "headbang",
    "(heart)":      "heart",
    "(heidy)":      "heidy",
    "(hi)":         "hi",
    "(inlove)":     "inlove",
    "(wasntme)":    "itwasntme",
    "(kiss)":       "kiss",
    " :x":          "lipssealed",
    "(mail)":       "mail",
    "(makeup)":     "makeup",
    "(finger)":     "middlefinger",
    "(mmm)":        "mmm",
    "(mooning)":    "mooning",
    "(~)":          "movie",
    "(muscle)":     "muscle",
    "(music)":      "music",
    "(myspace)":    "myspace",
    " 8-|":         "nerd",
    "(ninja)":      "ninja",
    "(no)":         "no",
    "(nod)":        "nod",
    "(party)":      "party",
    "(phone)":      "phone",
    "(pizza)":      "pizza",
    "(poolparty)":  "poolparty",
    "(puke)":       "puke",
    "(punch)":      "punch",
    "(rain)":       "rain",
    "(rock)":       "rock",
    "(rofl)":       "rofl",
    " :(":          "sadsmile",
    "(shake)":      "shake",
    "(skype)":      "skype",
    " |-)":         "sleepy",
    "(smile)":      "smile",
    "(smirk)":      "smirk",
    "(smoke)":      "smoke",
    " :|":          "speechless",
    "(*)":          "star",
    "(sun)":        "sun",
    " :O":          "surprised",
    "(swear)":      "swear",
    "(sweat)":   "sweating",
    "(talk)":       "talking",
    "(think)":      "thinking",
    "(o)":          "time",
    "(tmi)":        "tmi",
    "(toivo)":      "toivo",
    " :P":          "tongueout",
    "(wait)":       "wait",
    "(whew)":       "whew",
    "(wink)":       "wink",
    " :^)":         "wondering",
    " :S":          "worried",
    "(yawn)":       "yawn",
    "(yes)":        "yes"
  smilesVariations: {
    ":-)": "smile",
    ":)": "smile"

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by pupunzi. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.

  • Publication date: 27.11.2017
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