C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies

C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies image

Publisher: For Dummies

Release Date: December 2017

Pages: 864

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6 Books in one!

Sharpen your knowledge of C#

C# know-how is a must if you want to be a professional developer and especially if you plan to work on Microsoft products. No matter where your skills lie, this book offers a deep dive into C# for coders who need an overview of the nuances of this valuable programming language. Pop it open to get an intro into coding with C#, how to design secure apps and databases, and even pointers on building web apps with C#.


  • The Basics of C# Programming
  • Object-Oriented C# Programming
  • Designing for C#
  • A Tour of Visual Studio®
  • Windows Development with WPF
  • Web Development with ASP.NET
  • Publication date: 12.12.2017
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