Learning CSS Animations

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Create Keyframe Based Sequence Animations Without Third Party Libraries or Frameworks

Publisher: Infinite Skills

Release Date: July 2017

Duration: 0 hours 53 minutes

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CSS animations are pretty simple. They allow you to animate CSS properties by letting you specify what they will do at various points in time known as keyframes. In this video course designed for developers with a good understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you'll learn about keyframes and how you can use them to create cool animations for web based user interfaces.

  • Explore a series of keyframe animation techniques that make UI's more lively, interactive, and fun
  • Understand how to animate CSS property changes and create elaborate pre-defined animations
  • Learn the distinctions between CSS animations and CSS transitions
  • Discover how to use animation to bring attention to a task a user needs to do
  • Explore animation concepts and effects like text fades, sprites, IOS icon wobbles, parallax, and more

Kirupa Chinnathambi has spent most of his life trying to teach others to love web development as much as he does. When he isn't writing on kirupa.com or talking about web development, he spends his waking hours helping make the web more awesome as a program manager with the web platform team at Microsoft. Kirupa holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science from MIT.

Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 28s

About The Author

01m 9s

Chapter: CSS Animations

Meet The CSS Animation

03m 21s

Building A CSS Animation

04m 22s

More On The Animation Syntax

04m 8s

Exercise: Simple Text Fade Effect

04m 54s

Timing Functions And CSS Animations

03m 41s

Exercise: IOS Icon Wobble Effect

07m 53s

Sprite-Based Animations

05m 34s

Animations Vs Transitions

03m 53s

Exercise: Animating Form Elements

04m 57s

Exercise: Play Animation When Element Is Scrolled Into View

07m 46s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

00m 52s

  • Publication date: 01.08.2017
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