Modern Java Recipes

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Simple Solutions to Difficult Problems in Java 8 and 9

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Release Date: August 2017

Pages: 322

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The introduction of functional programming concepts in Java SE 8 was a drastic change for this venerable object-oriented language. Lambda expressions, method references, and streams fundamentally changed the idioms of the language, and many developers have been trying to catch up ever since. This cookbook will help. With more than 70 detailed recipes, author Ken Kousen shows you how to use the newest features of Java to solve a wide range of problems.

For developers comfortable with previous Java versions, this guide covers nearly all of Java SE 8, and includes a chapter focused on changes coming in Java 9. Need to understand how functional idioms will change the way you write code? This cookbook—chock full of use cases—is for you.

Recipes cover:

  • The basics of lambda expressions and method references
  • Interfaces in the java.util.function package
  • Stream operations for transforming and filtering data
  • Comparators and Collectors for sorting and converting streaming data
  • Combining lambdas, method references, and streams
  • Creating instances and extract values from Java’s Optional type
  • New I/O capabilities that support functional streams
  • The Date-Time API that replaces the legacy Date and Calendar classes
  • Mechanisms for experimenting with concurrency and parallelism

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Basics

  2. Chapter 2 The java.util.function Package

  3. Chapter 3 Functional Programming in Java 8

  4. Chapter 4 Streams

  • Publication date: 31.08.2017
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