My everyday tools. Part 1.

My everyday tools. Part 1.

Hi everyone!

Today I want to tell you about how I make my projects and which tools I'm using for it.

At work I'm working on Windows but at home and journey I prefer to work on Mac OS. Accordingly I prefer to work with apps which exist on both platforms.

Below I'm going to tell you about these tools.

Let's go!


As IDE I've chosen PHP Storm. I love its for speed, interface, code styling etc.

PHP Storm also has perfect integration with control version systems, it has fast index for files (one of project which I'm working with has more than 5 000 PHP files), FTP\SSH manager and integrated console.

As another pros I can select PHP Storm which available on major platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


At work I'm working with Putty.

This is a classical console app. I'm absolutely happy to work with this app.

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On Mac OS I'm using standard console to work with remote servers.

Another apps

Also, I'm using HeidiSQL for working with databases.

It has useful interface and allows easily setup SSH tunnel to the database.


There were major apps which I use. In next part I'll gradually tell you about different useful utilites.

Server side

I prefer to work with CentOS on server side. That's why I have good knowledges about this operational system and used to work with it.

It is also very reliable and very popular server side OS.

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As server control panel I use Vesta CP, I've customized it thus that I can choose different PHP versions for my projects. For these purposes I also use PHPBrew.

Vesta CP is free and powerful control panel for your server. It has understandable templates which you can change as you want.

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Web development apps and technologies change very quickly so I constanly read about new technologies and approaches.

Now I'm using Wordpress and Laravel apps. I like Wordpress because it has a lot of ready plugins and also very well documented. But much more I love Laravel for its beauty and powerful. With Laravel I can make professional apps for my clients and for me.

In these blog series I will tell you about my Laravel developments and my other developments or tools which I use.

My Laravel apps I develop with Backpack packages. It provides very useful and convenient CRUD classes developed for fast projects creation. It allows developing high quality admin interfaces very fast.

There is an example one of my solutions built with Laravel:

I'll tell you about other useful packages in next time!

  • Publication date: 15.05.2017