Small Simple Growl Notification Plugin - jQuery Notey-Fi

Small Simple Growl Notification Plugin - jQuery Notey-Fi

Notey-Fi is a small simple jQuery plugin to create growl-style notification messages on the webpage.

The notification messages will auto dismiss after a timeout you specify. You can also close the notification messages manually by clicking the 'x' button.

Currently comes with 4 notification types: Success, Error, Warning and Notice.

1. Insert the jQuery Notey-Fi's Stylesheet into the head section of the page.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/notey-fi.css">

2. Insert the jQuery Notey-Fi's JavaScript after jQuery but before we close the body tag.

<script src="" 
<script src="scripts/jquery.notey-fi.js"></script>

3. Create a wrapper element for the notifications.

<div class="notey-fi__wrapper"></div>

4. The JavaScript to create notifications.

// noteyfi(Type, Duration, Text, ID, options);
$('.notey-fi__wrapper').noteyfi("success", 5000, "This is a success notification.", "successID");
$('.notey-fi__wrapper').noteyfi("error", 5000, "This is a error notification.", "errorID");
$('.notey-fi__wrapper').noteyfi("warning", 5000, "This is a warning notification.", "warningID");
$('.notey-fi__wrapper').noteyfi("notice", 5000, "This is a notice notification.", "noticeID");

5. Default plugin options.

  // class of item
  ItemClass: "notey-fi",
  // class of close button
  closeButtonClass: "notey-fi__close"

This awesome jQuery plugin is developed by JordanSayner. For more Advanced Usages, please check the demo page or visit the official website.

  • Publication date: 14.08.2018
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