Solving Common Development Challenges with React Native Applications

Solving Common Development Challenges with React Native Applications image

Solutions for Handling Three Common Application Development Challenges

Publisher: Infinite Skills

Release Date: August 2017

Duration: 1 hours 56 minutes

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How do I manage my layout and styles? How do I get data from a web server? How do I perform simple animations? These are three sets of challenges that face virtually every app developer today. This course will solve these challenges, making it possible for you to create your native apps in a faster and easier way. You'll learn about the React Native classes for handling style sheets, getting hardware information, and communicating with the web. You'll also explore React Native's open source ecosystem and build a simple GraphQL client, as well as examine the lesser known features of React that enable you to build sophisticated interpolations and manage animations. Learners should have basic web programming experience using JavaScript.

  • Learn to build complex style sheets that work across Android and IOS - on phone or tablet
  • Explore the pros and cons of working with JSON and GraphQL
  • Learn how to work with flexbox layouts in React Native
  • Understand how Apollo makes writing GraphQL clients easy
  • Explore the animation features included in React Native
  • Discover how to leverage third-party libraries
  • Learn how to get hardware device information into your native application

Jonathan Lebensold co-founded Paradem, a software consultancy that builds apps for startups, NGOs, and enterprises. A web developer with 10+ years of experience, Jonathan contributes and writes about React Native, speaks about React at O'Reilly OSCON conferences, and is author of the O'Reilly title "Hands-on with React and Ruby on Rails".

Table of Contents

Chapter: Solving Common Development Challenges with React Native Applications

Welcome To The Course

01m 10s

Getting Started

04m 16s

About The Author

01m 4s

Chapter: Managing Stylesheets On Android And iOS

Defining Styles With The Stylesheet Class Part - 1

05m 22s

Defining Styles With The Stylesheet Class Part - 2

03m 25s

Styling With Flexbox

05m 25s

Building Nested Flexbox Views

04m 4s

Getting Device Information

04m 5s

Showing And Hiding Based On Device Orientation And Platform

04m 15s

Reviewing Flexbox And Running On Android

04m 10s

Organizing Styles And Referencing A Color Palette

04m 15s

Using Javascript For Relative Sizing

04m 51s

Overriding Styles

03m 56s

Implementing Device Dependent Font Sizing

04m 27s

Chapter: Talking To The Server: Making Asynchronous Requests With REST And GraphQL

Reviewing JSON Fetch

04m 3s

Making Simple JSON Requests

05m 32s

GraphQL Overview

04m 10s

Installing The Apollo GraphQL Client

04m 17s

Implementing Fetch With GraphQL

03m 38s

Writing GraphQL Queries

06m 4s

JSON And GraphQL Compared

02m 57s

Chapter: Building Cross Platform Animations With Native Performance

Animation Overview

04m 54s

Calculating Coordinate Information For Animation

07m 2s

Sequencing Ball Movements

04m 41s

Combining Animations And Interpolation Part - 1

05m 13s

Combining Animations And Interpolation Part - 2

02m 5s

Sequencing Animations And Leveraging Callbacks

04m 36s

Stopping Animations And Wrapping Up

02m 30s

  • Publication date: 31.08.2017
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