Top 10 Best Progress Bar jQuery Plugins Of 2018

The Progress bar jQuery plugin can be used to detect and visualize the current status of page loading, scroll progress, reading progress, and much more. In this blog post you will find the top 10 best jQuery Progress Bar plugins for both desktop and mobile web design. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Nov 14 2017, updated Dec 05 2018

Animated Radial Progress Bars With jQuery, SVG And CSS3

jQuery, SVG and CSS3 based radial progress bars that automatically activate the progress animation on scroll.

[Demo] [Download]

Animated Radial Progress Bar With jQuery And CSS3

A customizable, circular, CSS3 animated progress bar plugin for jQuery that can be used to display progress, completion, percentage, loading status, etc.

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jQuery Plugin For SVG Progress Circle - ProgressCircle

ProgressCircle is a lightweight jQuery plugin used to render animated, dynamic circular progress indicators using SVG and CSS.

[Demo] [Download]

Minimal HTML5 Donut Chart Plugin For jQuery - DonutWidget

DonutWidget is a simple plain jQuery plugin to present your data (e.g. progress percentage) in a doughnut/ring chart that is fully configurable via HTML data attributes.

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Canvas Based Step Progress Bar With jQuery - Stepbar

Stepbar is a tiny jQuery plugin that lets you render a horizontal, dynamic progress indicator with custom steps. Useful in step-by-step sign-up form wizard.

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Animated Donut/Pie/Ring Charts With jQuery And SVG - Donutty

Donutty is a JavaScript/jQuery charting library which lets you generate smoothly animated, fully scalable Donut/Pie/Ring Charts or Circular/Radial progressbars using SVG and CSS3 animations.

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Show Progress/Loading Status As Circle - jQuery Circlos

Circlos is a lightweight jQuery circular progress bar/loading indicator plugin that draws a partially filled circle for visualizing percentage data.

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Minimalist Dynamic Progress Bar In jQuery - jsRapBar

The jsRapBar jQuery plugin lets you create a minimal yet customizable horizontal progress bar that has the ability to update the progress dynamically.

[Demo] [Download]

Animated Circle To Represent Percentage - jQuery jCirclize

jCirclize is a small yet customizable jQuery percentage/progress gauge plugin that draws an animated circle/ring on a canvas element to represent percentage data.

[Demo] [Download]

Smooth Progress Gauge Plugin With jQuery And CSS3 - simpleGauge.js

simpleGauge.js is a small jQuery plugin which lets you create minimal, clean, smooth gauge meters to represent percentage values on the webpage.

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