Top 10 Best Tabs jQuery Plugins Of 2018

The Tabs (tabbed content) jQuery plugin allows you to switch between different sections of content. In this blog post you will find the top 10 best jQuery tabs plugins for both desktop and mobile web design. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Nov 13 2017, updated Dec 14 2018

Easy Multi-level Tabs Plugin With jQuery - multiTabs

multiTabs is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes it possible to create unlimited multi-level tabs interfaces from nested HTML elements.

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Bootstrap Compatible Pagination For Tabs - jQuery tabulation.js

tabulation.js is a very small jQuery paginator plugin to create pagination controls to switch between tabbed content within your document.

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Minimal Touch-enabled Tabs Plugin For jQuery - swichTab

swichTab is a small and mobile-friendly jQuery tabs plugin which enables you to switch between tabbed contents by clicking tabs or using swipe events on touch devices.

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Animated Tabs Plugin With jQuery And CSS3 - anitabs

Yet another jQuery based animated tabs component that enables you to switch between tabbed content with slide or crossfade animations based on CSS3.

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Adaptive Themeable Tabs Plugin - jQuery FlexTabs

A flexible, responsive, adaptive, customizable, themeable jQuery tabs plugin created for both desktop and mobile.

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Arrow Indicator For Tabbed Content - jQuery ArrowTabs

The jQuery ArrowTabs script lets you create a tabs interface that comes with fade in/out animations and has an arrow indicator pointing to the activated tabbed content.

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Dynamic Tabs Creation Plugin With jQuery And Bootstrap - nth-tabs

nth-tabs is a jQuery plugin used to dynamically manage (create, delete, switch) tabs & tabbed content on the webpage just like a browser.

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Dead Simple Responsive Tabs Plugin For jQuery - minimalTabs.js

The minimalTabs.js jQuery plugin helps you helps you create a semantic, responsive tabs interface with support for keyboard navigation and dynamic resizing.

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SEO-friendy Tabs Plugin With jQuery - mari-tabs

mari-tabs is a semantic, SEO-friendly tabs plugin for jQuery that transforms lists of blocks into tabs with subtle fade in and fade out animations.

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Easy To Style Tabs Plugin With jQuery - SimpleTabs

This is simple, lightweight jQuery tabs plugin that is easy to customize using your own CSS.

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