Top 20 Best Responsive Menu jQuery Plugins Of 2018

A responsive menu jQuery plugin will automatically transform the regular site navigation into a responsive, mobile-friendly navigation menu for cross-platform web pages and web apps. In this blog post you will find the top 20 best Responsive Menu jQuery plugins for both desktop and mobile web design. I hope you like it.

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Originally Published Nov 17 2017, updated Dec 09 2018

Top 20 Responsive Menu jQuery Plugins:

Responsive Mega Menu Plugin With jQuery And CSS3

A jQuery based responsive mega menu that automatically collapses the regular multi-level dropdown menu into a mobile-friendly toggle menu in mobile view.

[Demo] [Download]

Cross-platform Responsive Navigation With jQuery - menuBreaker

menuBreaker is a responsive, cross-platform, multi-level navigation plugin for jQuery that auto collapses the regular horizontal nav into an off-canvas toggle menu on mobile devices.

[Demo] [Download]

Responsive Multi-level Navigation For Bootstrap 4 - k-responsive-menu

k-responsive-menu is a simple, responsive, multi-level, cross-platform and mobile-friendly navigation jQuery plugin for Bootstrap 4 framework.

[Demo] [Download]

Responsive Multi-level Mega Menu Plugin - jQuery dmenu

dmenu is a jQuery plugin for creating a responsive, multi-level and multi-column mega menu that hides the overflowing navigation items in a vertical dropdown with a toggle control.

[Demo] [Download]

Sticky Exanding Hamburger Menu With jQuery And CSS3

A jQuery based responsive navigation system that collapses the regular horizontal menu into an expanding hamburger menu on small screen (mobile) devices.

[Demo] [Download]

Multi Purpose Navigation Sytem For Modern Web - jQuery Corenav

Corenav is an easy, responsive, multi-purpose, jQuery based navigation system for modern, cross-platform web development.

[Demo] [Download]

Mobile-friendly Multi-level Site Navigation With jQuery

This is a small jQuery script that helps you create a responsive, mobile-friendly, multi-level dropdown (for desktop) & toggle (for mobile) menu for cross-platform webpages.

[Demo] [Download]

Swipe Mega Menu Plugin With jQuery - Swipe Drawer

The Swipe Drawer jQuery plugin helps you create fully responsive, touch-enabled, SEO-friendly, drawer-style mega menu on the modern web applications.

[Demo] [Download]

Responsive Dropdown Navigation Bar In jQuery - flxMenu

This is a responsive, flexible, multi-level dropdown (off-canvas) navigation menu plugin built in with jQuery.

[Demo] [Download]

Sticky Mobile-compatible Navigation - GRT Responsive Menu

The GRT Responsive Menu jQuery plugin lets you create a fully responsive, mobile-friendly navigation system for your cross-platform web app.

[Demo] [Download]

Collapsed Resonponsive Menu For Bootstrap - Greedy Menu

The Greedy Menu jQuery plugin makes use of Bootstrap's dropdown component to create a fully responsive navigation menu for your cross-platform, content-heavy web app.

[Demo] [Download]

Smart Responsive Sticky Navigation Menu With jQuery - stickyNav.js

The stickyNav.js jQuery plugin makes it possible to create a smart, sticky, mobile-friendly navigation menu for your cross-platform web application.

[Demo] [Download]

Bootstrap 4 Compatible Multi Purpose Menu - jQuery sina-nav

sina-nav is a multi-purpose menu plugin that helps you create responsive, user-friendly, multi-level, Bootstrap 4 compatible navigation system for your web application.

[Demo] [Download]

Responsive Multi-level Dropdown Navigation - jQuery Menu.js

The jQuery menu.js plugin transforms the regular multi-level dropdown menu into a fullscreen hamburger navigation that will slide out or fade in when toggled.

[Demo] [Download]

Smooth Multi-level Responsive Menu With jQuery And CSS3

A minimal responsive multi-level menu that will be automatically collapsed into a smoothly-sliding dropdown hamburger navigation on small screen devices.

[Demo] [Download]

Multifunctional Responsive Dropdown Menu - jQuery Developer Nav

Developer Nav is a jQuery based cross-platform, cross-browser, multi-level dropdown/off-canvas navigation system for content-heavy websites or web applications.

[Demo] [Download]

Adaptive Horizontal Tab Menu In jQuery

An adaptive, responsive, mobile-compatible, horizontal tab menu written in jQuery, HTML, CSS/CSS3.

[Demo] [Download]

Collapse Overflowing Menu Items Into A Dropdown - jQuery MoreMenu

jQuery MoreMenu is a jQuery based responsive menu solution that automatically collapses overflowing menu items into a 'More Menu' dropdown when the menu is too long to fit into a horizontal navbar.

[Demo] [Download]

Basic Responsive Collapsed Menu With jQuery - flexmenu2

flexmenu2 is an easy, lightweight, cross-browser jQuery responsive menu plugin that transforms the traditional navigation into a toggleable dropdown menu on mobile (small screen) devices.

[Demo] [Download]

Semantic Responsive Mobile Navigation - jQuery rsmm

A responsive, adaptive, SEO-friendly, drop-down navigation plugin that collapses the horizontal menu items to an off-canvas side menu when a specified breakpoint is reached.

[Demo] [Download]

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