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SHA 1/256/384/512 Hash Generator Using Web Crypto API - jQuery Hash

View Demo | Download source Hash.js is a small jQuery plugin used for generating SHA 1/256/384/512 hashes of any string you provide using the Web Crypto API.
  • Publication date: 29.04.2019

Mobile-friendly Slider Control Plugin - jQuery xslider

View Demo | Download source xslider is a flexible, customizable, responsive, mobile-friendly, jQuery based slider control which can be used for range input, pagination controls, carousel navigation, and much more.
  • Publication date: 28.04.2019

Form Validation & AJAX Submit Plugin - jQuery NiceForm

View Demo | Download source NiceForm is a robust and customizable jQuery plugin which can be used to validate a various type of form fields and send the form data to server side via AJAX requests.
  • Publication date: 27.04.2019

Create Retro Triangle Pattern Using jQuery - Triangularize.js

View Demo | Download source The Triangularize.js jQuery plugin makes use of JavaScript and CSS to generate a retro pattern of triangles for the background image of a given container.
  • Publication date: 27.04.2019

Sticky Side Tab Navigation With jQuery - hoverSlideJS

View Demo | Download source hoverSlideJS is a small yet highly customizable tab navigation designed for one page scroll website & single page web app.
  • Publication date: 26.04.2019

Apply Smooth Scroll To Anchor Links - jQuery Creep.js

View Demo | Download source Creep.js is a really small (less than 1kb) jQuery smooth scroll plugin which makes anchor links smoothly scroll the page to specific elements instead of a straight jump.
  • Publication date: 26.04.2019

Add/Remove Form Fields Dynamically With jQuery - cloner

View Demo | Download source A lightweight, flexible form cloner plugin which enables the user to dynamically add/remove/clone form fields and/or form groups in an HTML form.
  • Publication date: 26.04.2019

Dynamic CRUD Data Grid Library - appendGrid

View Demo | Download source appendGrid is a powerful jQuery table plugin that turns the standard html table into adynamic and editable data grid. You can add, remove, edit, move up, move down records
  • Publication date: 26.04.2019

Single Page Navigation With Scrollspy - jQuery NavPoints

View Demo | Download source The NavPoints jQuery plugin helps developers to create a sticky navigation for single page web apps, with support for smooth scroll, active highlighting and hash change.
  • Publication date: 25.04.2019

Create Attractive Animations Using Canvas And CSS3 - jQuery Twinkle

View Demo | Download source The Twinkle jQuery plugin makes uses of canvas and/or CSS3 to create awesome attractive interactions and animations on the webpage.
  • Publication date: 25.04.2019

Minimalist Smooth Content Toggle Plugin For jQuery - CM Accordion

View Demo | Download source CM Accordion is an extremely lightweight (less than 1kb) yet configurable and semantic jQuery content toggle/accordion plugin for saving vertical space of the webpage.
  • Publication date: 25.04.2019

Creating A Simple Off-canvas Slide Panel Navigation with jQuery Pushy

View Demo | Download source Pushy is a super tiny (~1kb) jQuery plugin for creating an off-canvas slide panel navigation as you've seen in many mobile Apps.
  • Publication date: 25.04.2019

Super Simple jQuery Notification Box Plugin - notify

View Demo | Download source notify is a super lightweight and customizable jQuery plugin that allows you to quickly create a notification box with some smooth fade in/out effects.
  • Publication date: 24.04.2019

Smooth Scroll Plugin For Bootstrap Scrollspy Component - smoothScroll.js

View Demo | Download source A tiny jQuery plugin that adds the Smooth Scroll functionality to the native Bootstrap 4 scrollspy component. Based on jQuery's animate() method.
  • Publication date: 24.04.2019

Draggable Horizontal Timeline Plugin - jQuery JST Timeline

View Demo | Download source JST Timeline is a small, dynamic, draggable jQuery timeline plugin which arranges events with dates and custom icons in a straight line.
  • Publication date: 24.04.2019