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jQuery Plugin For Responsive Image Maps - image-map.js

View Demo | Download source image-map.js is a responsive image map plugin for jQuery which makes clickable areas within the image map auto resize depending on the current viewport size.
  • Publication date: 20.06.2017

Minimal jQuery/CSS3 Based Scrollbar Replacemenet - fakescroll

View Demo | Download source fakescroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin that makes your long content scrollable and displays a CSS/CSS3 styled scrollbar on mouse hover.
  • Publication date: 20.06.2017

Responsive Accessible Tabs Plugin For jQuery - aria-tabs

View Demo | Download source aria-tabs is a lightweight jQuery plugin which helps you create a responsive, accessible tabs interface from plain HTML, with support for Aria attributes/roles and keyboard interactions.
  • Publication date: 20.06.2017

Powerful and Multi-Functional jQuery Folder Tree Plugin - zTree

View Demo | Download source zTree is a powerful and fast jQuery 'Tree' Plugin for creating Multi-functional Folder Trees with excellent performance and flexible configurations.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Flexible and Touch-Friendly jQuery Range Slider Plugin - Ion.RangeSlider

View Demo | Download source Ion.RangeSlider is a jQuery plugin that turns the standard html input elements into flexible, skinnable, customizable and mobile friendly range sliders.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Fancy Skewed Dropdown Menu With jQuery And CSS3 - UnusualMenu

View Demo | Download source UnusualMenu is a fancy, animated dropdown menu plugin for jQuery that uses CSS3 2D transforms for the pretty cool 'Skew' effect when the menu is opened on hover.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Grouped Multiple Selection Plugin For jQuery - GroupMultiSelect

View Demo | Download source The GroupMultiSelect jQuery plugin converts the select into a multi-select UI where the users are able to select multiple nested options from a dropdown with checkboxes.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #193

Here's the 193rd Weekly Web Design development resources (freebies, codes, graphics, tools, inspiration, etc) from the past week.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Interactive Visual Guide Plugin For Bootstrap - jQuery Tour

View Demo | Download source A Bootstrap plugin to create an accessible, interactive visual guide that lets your users guide through / scroll between new features and functions in your web app.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Simple Flexible jQuery Autocomplete Plugin - Flexdatalist

View Demo | Download source A simple, flexible, powerful jQuery plugin which provides the 'autocomplete' functionality on your input field with support for local datalist and remote JSON data.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Mobile-friendly Custom Scrollbar Plugin With jQuery - NiceScroll

View Demo | Download source NiceScroll is an easy yet robust jQuery plugin that allows to append pretty nice, touch-enabled and highly customizable scrollbar to any scrollable area such as browser window,
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Easy Data Table Generator with jQuery and JSON - Tabulator

View Demo | Download source Tabulator is a feature-rich jQuery plugin used for generating simple or complex data tables from any JSON data.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Easy Accessible Accordion Plugin For jQuery - aria-accordion

View Demo | Download source aria-accordion is a lightweight jQuery plugin which helps you create customizable, accessible accordions with support for auto focus, fade animation, Aria attributes/roles and keyboard interactions.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

jQuery WYSIWYG Editor For Block Content - brickyeditor

View Demo | Download source The brickyeditor jQuery plugin helps you create a dynamic content editor with a small clean WYSIWYG editor for the block content.
  • Publication date: 19.06.2017

Easy Social Sharing Buttons with Shared Count - ssc.js

View Demo | Download source Yet another jQuery social share plugin which creates beautiful social sharing buttons with shared counts to increase social shares for your web content.
  • Publication date: 18.06.2017