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Textarea Character Limit With Counter And Countdown Bar - jqtarea

View Demo | Download source Just another jQuery plugin that specifies the maximum number of characters allowed to type in the textarea and prevents typing & cuts overflowed content when exceeding the max length.
  • Publication date: 31.05.2019

Dynamic jQuery Cascading Dropdown Lists Plugin

View Demo | Download source A lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery plugin for cascading dropdown lists.
  • Publication date: 30.05.2019

10 Best Cascading Dropdown Plugin In jQuery And Pure JavaScript

10 best and top-downloaded jQuery plugins and Vanilla JavaScript Libraries that helps you implement the cascading (dependent) dropdowns on the web app with minimal effort.
  • Publication date: 30.05.2019

Dynamic Multi-step Progress Bar In jQuery - easy-progress

View Demo | Download source easy-progress is a really small jQuery plugin that dynamically renders a multi-step progress bar with number and counter on the webpage.
  • Publication date: 30.05.2019

Customizable Text Rotator In jQuery - z-Carousel

View Demo | Download source z-Carousel is a jQuery text rotator/carousel plugin for transitioning between text blocks using jQuery fadeIn animation or Animate.css powered CSS3 animations.
  • Publication date: 29.05.2019

Fast Autocomplete Plugin For Bootstrap 4 - typeahead.js

View Demo | Download source This is the upgraded and jQuery version of Twitter's typeahead.js library which provides a fast, performant auto-complete functionality for Bootstrap 4 based web app.
  • Publication date: 29.05.2019

Minimal Mobile-friendly Color Picker In jQuery - drawrPalette

View Demo | Download source drawrPalette is a simple-to-use jQuery plugin that turns a normal text input field into an unobtrusive, touch-enabled HEX color picker component for both desktop and mobile.
  • Publication date: 29.05.2019

Full-featured Modal Dialog Plugin - jQuery NkDialog

View Demo | Download source NkDialog is a simple, flexible, customizable, AJAX-enabled jQuery Modal Dialog plugin which is able to use for any kind of web project.
  • Publication date: 28.05.2019

Inline Button Loader For Bootstrap 4 - Bootstrap4C Spinners

View Demo | Download source A jQuery/Bootstrap button loader component which adds loading indicators with custom loading text to inline buttons.
  • Publication date: 28.05.2019

System/Google Font Picker With Live Preview - Fontselect

View Demo | Download source This is the upgraded version of the jQuery Fontselect plugin which allows you to preview/select system fonts & Google fonts from a searchable dropdown box.
  • Publication date: 28.05.2019

jQuery Calendar Plugin Using HTML Templates - CLNDR.js

View Demo | Download source CLNDR.js is a jQuery plugin based on moment.js and underscore.js that allows you to create a calendar with event support using HTML template.
  • Publication date: 28.05.2019

Customizable Github Gist Loader/Viewer - jQuery Gist Simple

View Demo | Download source Gist Simple is a jQuery plugin that dynamically loads Github gists via AJAX and embeds them into customizable code blocks within your website or blog post.
  • Publication date: 27.05.2019

Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #294

Here's the 294th Weekly Web Design development resources (freebies, codes, graphics, tools, inspiration, etc) from the past week.
  • Publication date: 27.05.2019

Detect Scroll Action And Direction With jQuery Scrolling Plugin

View Demo | Download source A jQuery plugin for detecting user scroll events that detects scroll actions (first, start, move, finish) and scroll directions (up/down) on a specific element.
  • Publication date: 27.05.2019

Create A Flat Barometer With jQuery And CSS/CSS3 - Barometer.js

View Demo | Download source Barometer.js is a small jQuery plugin that helps you render a basic flat barometer & gauge interface to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure or anything you can imagine.
  • Publication date: 26.05.2019