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Simple Customizable jQuery Notification Bar Plugin - peekABar

View Demo | Download source peekABar is an extra lightweight jQuery notification plugin which helps you create sticky notification bars with lots of customization options.
  • Publication date: 25.05.2019

10 Best JavaScript/jQuery Social Sharing Plugins To Boost Your Traffic

10 best JavaScript and jQuery social share plugin which help you create social buttons/links to share your content on social networking sites.
  • Publication date: 25.05.2019

Fix Headers And Columns In Html Table - jQuery stickyTable

View Demo | Download source stickyTable is a lightweight jQuery plugin to make headers and columns sticky in a scrollable HTML table.
  • Publication date: 25.05.2019

Slim Password Strength Meter Plugin For jQuery

View Demo | Download source Just another Password Strength Meter built with jQuery that visualizes the strength of a password your user enters into a password field.
  • Publication date: 25.05.2019

Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm For jQuery - ECDSA

View Demo | Download source An Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm plugin for jQuery that lets you generate ECDSA signature, private key, and public key using the Web Crypto API.
  • Publication date: 24.05.2019

10 Best Accordion Menu Components In jQuery/JavaScript/CSS

10 best jQuery/JavaScript/CSS accordion menu components to organize and display your large multi-level navigation system in an elegant way.
  • Publication date: 24.05.2019

Create Custom Alert Messages Using Bootstrap 4 Toasts Component - Toaster

View Demo | Download source Toaster is a jQuery toast notification plugin for Bootstrap 4 which helps developers easily create customizable alert messages using Bootstrap 4's toasts component.
  • Publication date: 24.05.2019

Table Based jQuery Calendar & Schedule Plugin - TimeSheet

View Demo | Download source TimeSheet is a jQuery calendar & schedule plugin used to generate table based time sheets for time recording and tracking.
  • Publication date: 23.05.2019

Display Hierarchical Data As A Searchable Tree - simpleTree

View Demo | Download source A simple yet full-featured tree view jQuery plugin which makes it possible to display your hierarchical data as a searchable, expandable and collapsible tree.
  • Publication date: 23.05.2019

10 Best Dialog Plugins To Replace The Native JS Popup Boxes

10 best jQuery and Pure JavaScript dialog popup plugins to help web developers to create pretty, customizable Alert box, Confirm box, and Prompt box.
  • Publication date: 23.05.2019

Easy Popup Message Plugin For jQuery - Floatcard

View Demo | Download source Floatcard is an easy-to-use jQuery popup message plugin which helps you create floating or static notification messages as an alternative to the native browser popup box.
  • Publication date: 23.05.2019

Mersenne Twister Pseudo-random Number Generator In jQuery - PRNG

View Demo | Download source PRNG is a fast pseudo-random number generator (Mersenne Twister) built with jQuery. With sync, promise, callback support.
  • Publication date: 22.05.2019

10 Best Back To Top Plugins In jQuery And Pure JavaScript

10 best and top-downloaded back to top/scroll to top plugins to enhances the user experience on your long webpage.
  • Publication date: 22.05.2019

Select Single Or Multiple Table Rows With Click - jQuery tableSelection.js

View Demo | Download source An ultra-light (less than 1kb) jQuery table selection plugin which enables the user to select single or multiple rows in an HTML table using mouse click and touch tap.
  • Publication date: 22.05.2019

10 Best Gauge Plugins In jQuery And Pure JavaScript/CSS

10 best jQuery, Vanilla JavaScript, and Pure CSS gauge plugins to help web developers generate dynamic gauge meters on the app.
  • Publication date: 21.05.2019