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Minimal Carousel With Progressbar Paginator - jQuery kslide

View Demo | Download source kslide is a minimal, automatic carousel slider built with jQuery and CSS3 transforms & transitions.
  • Publication date: 21.05.2019

Check If Element Is In View And Apply CSS Class - jQuery scrollStuff

View Demo | Download source scrollStuff is a small and easy jQuery plugin that applies your own CSS classes to elements whenever they will be visible in the screen.
  • Publication date: 20.05.2019

Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #293

Here's the 293rd Weekly Web Design development resources (freebies, codes, graphics, tools, inspiration, etc) from the past week.
  • Publication date: 20.05.2019

Dynamic Material Design Expansion Panel In jQuery - matd_expandlist.js

View Demo | Download source A dynamic Material Design Expansion Panel plugin which enables you to expand/collapse panels by clicking/tapping headers just like the accordion interface.
  • Publication date: 20.05.2019

10 Best News Ticker Plugins In jQuery And Pure JavaScript/CSS

10 best jQuery, Vanilla JavaScript and Pure CSS plugins that help developers to quickly generate scrollers for news ticker, stock ticker, post scroller and any other text-based content.
  • Publication date: 18.05.2019

10 Best JavaScript/jQuery Calendar Plugins For Scheduled Events

Want a calendar plugin to manage and share events? Check out this list of 10 best, carefully selected jQuery and PURE JavaScript calendar plugins.
  • Publication date: 17.05.2019

10 Best Modal Components In jQuery/JavaScript/CSS (2019 Update)

10 best and full free Modal components implemented in jQuery, Native JavaScript, and/or Pure CSS/CSS3.
  • Publication date: 17.05.2019

Responsive Fixed Dropdown Menu Plugin With jQuery

View Demo | Download source A responsive fixed dropdown menu plugin that collapses the original navigation bar into a hamburger toggle menu on mobile/tablet devices.
  • Publication date: 17.05.2019

Make Youtube Video Player Fluid/Responsive - jQuery Fluidify

View Demo | Download source Fluidify is a really small jQuery plugin which makes the Youtube video player (iframe) fully fluid and responsive relative to its parent container.
  • Publication date: 16.05.2019

10 Best Responsive Dropdown Menus In jQuery And Pure JS/CSS

10 best responsive, mobile-friendly, and multi-level dropdown menus built with jQuery and/or pure JavaScript/CSS.
  • Publication date: 16.05.2019

Mobile-friendly Back To Top Button - jQuery ScrollToTop Arrow

View Demo | Download source A jQuery plugin that displays a Back To Top button in the lower right corner of the document when the page is scrolled below a specific point.
  • Publication date: 16.05.2019

Drawer Style Navigation For Bootstrap 4 - Bootstrap-Drawer

View Demo | Download source A jQuery plugin for Bootstrap 4 that helps developers to create mobile-friendly, drawer(off-canvas) style side navigation on the Bootstrap 4 project.
  • Publication date: 15.05.2019

10 Best Timeline Components In jQuery And Pure JS/CSS

10 best open source timeline plugins/components/libraries written in jQuery, native JavaScript, and/or pure CSS.
  • Publication date: 15.05.2019

Toggle Visibility Of Multiple Elements In A Group - jQuery Showgroup

View Demo | Download source Showgroup is a jQuery plugin to toggle visibility of multiple elements in a group, potentially in different containers.
  • Publication date: 15.05.2019

Animate Elements On Scroll Using jQuery and Animate.css - Aniview

View Demo | Download source Aniview is a lightweight jQuery plugin which triggers Animate.css powered CSS3 animations when elements become visible in the viewport.
  • Publication date: 15.05.2019