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Minimalist jQuery Responsive Multi-level Nav Menu Plugin - PrMenu

View Demo | Download source A jQuery plugin that converts a horizontal nav menu into a mobile-friendly toggle menu when the viewport's size reaches a specific breakpoint.
  • Publication date: 14.05.2019

Confirm An Action Using Bootstrap Modal Component - confirmModal

View Demo | Download source confirmModal is a small jQuery/Bootstrap 4 plugin that simplifies the task of creating customizable confirmation dialog boxes using Bootstrap 4's modal component.
  • Publication date: 14.05.2019

10 Best Scroll-triggered Animation Plugins With jQuery And Pure JavaScript

This is the 10 best jQuery plugins and vanilla JavaScript libraries help developers to create awesome reveal animations on elements when they're scrolled into view.
  • Publication date: 14.05.2019

Minimal Table Sorter & Pager Plugin For jQuery

View Demo | Download source The table-sorter-pager provides 2 jQuery plugins that add convenient, performant, client-side pagination and sorting capability to existing HTML tables.
  • Publication date: 14.05.2019

Scrambling/Decoding Effect For Text - jQuery Codex

View Demo | Download source Codex is a small jQuery text animation plugin which applies a decoding effect to text by scrambling the letters randomly and revealing the original characters one by one.
  • Publication date: 13.05.2019

Weekly Web Design & Development News: Collective #292

Here's the 292nd Weekly Web Design development resources (freebies, codes, graphics, tools, inspiration, etc) from the past week.
  • Publication date: 13.05.2019

Photoshop Style Drawing App With jQuery And Canvas - dRawr

View Demo | Download source The dRawr library lets you create a customizable, mobile-friendly drawing app with a Photoshop-style toolbar containing useful tools on the screen.
  • Publication date: 13.05.2019

Small & Beautiful Guided Tours In jQuery - introJS

View Demo | Download source introJS is a small jQuery guided tour plugin which can be used to introduce new features with a step-by-step guide for your web app.
  • Publication date: 12.05.2019

Customizable New Browser Window Plugin - jQuery Window Popup

View Demo | Download source Window Popup is a jQuery plugin which displays external links in a new browser window with lots of customization options.
  • Publication date: 11.05.2019

Custom Contextual Menu In jQuery - RightClickMenu.js

View Demo | Download source RightClickMenu.js is a simple, flexible jQuery plugin to display a custom dynamic context menu when right clicking a DOM element.
  • Publication date: 11.05.2019

Mobile-friendly Range Slider Plugin With jQuery - MT-RangeSlider

View Demo | Download source A simple yet powerful jQuery plugin that turns an input field into a customizable single- or multiple-range slider with support of both touch swipe and mouse drag support.
  • Publication date: 10.05.2019

Filter Through Large Tables With Form Controls - Filtable

View Demo | Download source A small, cross-browser, high-performance table filter plugin that allows the visitor to quickly filter through your large tabular data with several form controls.
  • Publication date: 10.05.2019

Determine How Far Your Element Is In The Viewport - jQuery scrollRelation

View Demo | Download source scrollRelation is a small viewport checker plugin which determines how far your elements are from the top, bottom or middle of the viewport.
  • Publication date: 10.05.2019

Simple Generic Picker/Selector Plugin With jQuery - Pattern.js

View Demo | Download source Pattern.js is a simple, small, SEO-friendly picker plugin to pick something (e.g. images, colors, DIV elements) from an HTML list based selection interface when triggered.
  • Publication date: 10.05.2019

Equal Height Layout With Support For Nested Elements - equalize.js

View Demo | Download source equalize.js is an ultra-light (~250 bytes) jQuery equal height plugin which equalizes the height of all the divs with the class of equalize within each of the group classes.
  • Publication date: 09.05.2019